Birthday Trivia Questions Volume 2023

It’s my birthday and I’ll post a bunch of trivia questions about topics I either like, randomly stumbled upon while exploring other trivia topics or am just posting because… just because! Warning, most of them will be very difficult, though none are about the band Roxy Music this time! Answers will not be posted for at least 24 hours.

Round One –

1 TV Lingo – On the Spike TV series “Bar Rescue,” what two-word phrase was used prior to “stress test” being a term regularly used to describe jamming a bar full of customers to test out the staff? The term is also used to describe an unofficial “pre-opening” of a new business. Staged or not, there is nothing quite like watching Mr. Taffer yell at people!

2 2023 Films – “Rise of the Beasts” is the stand-alone sequel to what 2018 film – and is the seventh installment in the film franchise, which began in 2007? Why oh why have they not merged with the Fast and the Furious franchise yet?

3 Bridges – The 1915 Canakkale Bridge, which is 2,023 meters/6,637 feet long, became the world’s longest suspension bridge designed to carry automobiles or train when it opened in 2022 in what country? Bonus – Skybridge Michigan, a 1,200-foot timber suspension bridge designed for foot traffic, opened in what Michigan city? It costs $25 to cross this bridge in MI, but I would be totally willing to pay that!

4 Albums – What band is releasing a 40-year anniversary album in March, 2023 titled “Songs of Surrender” that will feature re-cut versions of some of their most popular songs? Surrender is actually the name of one of their songs (no the answer is not Cheap Trick)!


Bruce Campbell TV Series

Before I get into the questions about this glorious B movie actor from Michigan, I just wanted to report that I will be attending a Bruce Campbell “Bruce O Rama” event – that supposedly involves trivia – in April in Royal Oak, MI! My husband bought the tickets for my birthday!

Put the following four TV series featuring Bruce Campbell in a credited role in order from the highest number of episodes in which he appeared in at least 20 episodes – to the lowest.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1993), Burn Notice (2007),

Jack of All Trades (2011), Ash Vs. The Evil Dead (2015).

Round Two –

5 Parts – On what decorative household accessory will you find parts called harps and finials? One of the shipments we got at work inspired this question!

6 TV Debuts – Actor Sylvester Stallone made his scripted television debut on what drama series in 2022? His daughter also appears in the series!

7 Triggered Idiots – What rock band’s 1973 album was recently the target of negative Internet commenters who thought the prism design was an endorsement of gay pride? What’s the difference between being offended and being triggered? If you’re just offended, you don’t whine about it on social media!

8 Singers – What singer’s top charting hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US were I Just Want to be Your Everything, (Love Is) Thicker Than Water and Shadow Dancing – which hit #1 in 1977 and 1978? I loved his songs when I was 6! If I would have been 10 years older, maybe I would have had one of his posters on my wall! Though probably not, I have kind of a hangup about posters with people in them (they creep me out). Would I have devoured articles in magazines about this singer? Maybe!


Before and After

Answer the following pairs of questions to combine them into one answer. Note – proper names only need to sound the same, not be spelled the same.

M1 – 1964 Beatles’ film and 1968 horror film directed by George Romero

M2 – Nickname of Lilyhammer and Sopranos actor – and E Street Band member and composer/lyricist best known for Into the Woods and A Little Night Music

M3 – Name of 2013 Quentin Tarantino film and Righteous Brothers song used in the pottery wheel love scene in the 1990 film Ghost

M4 – Title of made for TV movie about Ted Bundy and Netflix series starring Winona Ryder which debuted in 2015

Final Category Round One – TV to Movie

What 1996 comedy film featuring Steve Martin as the title character – was originally based on a character on the Phil Silvers Show, which aired four seasons between 1955 and 1959?

Round 3

9 Actresses – What actress who previously played the Griswold family matriarch in several films in the “Vacation” franchise, again played a matriarch in the 2022 horror film Violent Night? I was so floored when I realized it was her! Kind of like when I watched the credits for Tropic Thunder and saw that Tom Cruise had played the foul mouthed fat movie executive!

10 Book to Movie – Author Charles Portis wrote what book, published in 1968, which was adapted into films of the same name released in 1969 and 2010? John Wayne and Jeff Bridges played lead roles in the film adaptations. My husband recently read this – and loved it!

11 Restaurant Owners – South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone bought which Lakewood, CO restaurant in 2021, which is expected to have a grand reopening in 2023 following closures caused by the COVID pandemic? The restaurant was featured in an episode that aired in 2003. I don’t even need to explain why I’m including this question! How could I not?

12 Reality TV (sort of) – What series, originally based on the British TV series Robot Wars, debuted in 2000 and aired until 2002 on Comedy Central until getting revived in 2015 by the Discovery Channel? My husband loves this series…


NHL Teams Quickfire

Name all four NHL teams that play their home games in the mountain time zone.


13 Car Models – What luxury vehicle line includes a model called the Nautilus? I saw one of these on my commute to work recently!

14 Alcohol – The Boston Beer Company, which is best known for making Sam Adams beer, began offering what line of hard seltzer in 2016, which originally had three flavors and was packaged in bottles? This is my favorite go-to of the hard seltzers (don’t hate, I still drink beer too, sometimes I just like something not quite as heavy).

15 Book Titles – ¡Viven! was the Spanish language title of what novel, which chronicled a 1972 plane crash in the Andes and was later adapted into a 1993 film starring Ethan Hawke? I’m not even giving the hint that makes this story utterly fascinating to me. Oh OK! Maybe I will!

16 Directors – Director Robert Eggers helmed the 2022 film The Northman in addition to what 2019 film starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe? Nerd point, what was the name of his first feature film, released in 2015? A young co-worker recommended the 2019 film to me recently, he said “It’s really f—ed up.”


Taylor Sheridan series – Or Not?

Choose whether Taylor Sheridan had anything to do with the creation of the following four TV series.

M1 – Ozark

M2 – Sicario

M3 – Outer Range

M4 – Mayor of Kingstown

17 World Cup – Argentina won the 2022 World Cup – what was the most recent year before that in which it won a World Cup? Bonus, what player is Argentina’s current captain?

18 Dishes – What is the seven-letter name for a small bowl commonly used to hold ingredients in food preparation or to hold condiments for meals?

19 Shelved Films – What 2022 DC Universe film was shelved rather than released and featured a title character from the Batman franchise?

20 Inspirations – Actress Arleen Sorkin provided the voice for what Batman character in Batman -The Animated Series – and is also thought to have provided the original inspiration for this character while playing a character on Days of Our Lives?

MYSTERY ROUND 5 – Winona Ryder movie, Christina Ricci movie, or both?

Decide whether the following films with the release years – are films in which Winona Ryder starred, Christina Ricci starred, or both of them starred together?

M1 – The Opposite of Sex, 1998

M2 – The Darwin Awards, 2006

M3 – Mermaids, 1990

M4 – Star Trek, 2009

Final Category 3 – Entertainers

What actor/comedian, born March 11, 1895 as Sam Horwitz, performed primarily as part of a family group – and was better known by his stage name, which originated from the way his mother pronounced his name with a Litvak accent? HINT – his stage name has also been used by film director Sam Raimi to describe various body doubles in his films.

Round Six –

21 Academy Awards – What actor did Will Smith slap at the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony? Bonus – what movie was Smith receiving an Oscar for best actor for at the time?

22 Profane Movie Quotes – In what Al Pacino film does he play a character who says: “This is paradise, I’m tellin’ ya. This town is like a great big pussy waiting to get f—ed.”

23 Definitions – What 11-letter word beginning with the letter “f” can mean “the process of managing shipments of tracking and confirming the delivery of physical materials in stores?” It can also mean “the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted?”

24 Definitions Part Deux – A person whom is a “wildcatter” is most likely involved in what field? Multiple choice – A. Hunting/trapping of wild cats (usually illegally), B. Recruiting athletes, C. Money laundering or D. Oil prospecting/drilling

Mystery Round – Catchphrases

Identify the following animated characters by their notable catchphrases (the series in which they appear will also be included).

M1 – “Holy Shitsnacks,” Archer

M2 – “Okilly Dokilly,” The Simpsons

M3 “No sir, I don’t like it,” Ren and Stimpy

M4 – “Bite my shiny metal ass,” Futurama

Round Six

25 80s Song Lyrics – There are two real French locations mentioned by name in the 1988 Beach Boys song Kokomo. One is the name of a French territory – the other is a capital city in a former French territory. Name one of those two places.

26 Word Origins – What term, commonly associated with bars, had its origin in the US Navy in 1914 and referred to a designated weekly entertainment period intended to relieve the boredom of sailors?

27 TV Series – What Showtime series starring Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis debuted on November 14, 2021 and is expected to launch its second season March 26, 2023?

28 Cocktails – What is the primary alcoholic spirit by volume in a sidecar cocktail, according to the International Bartenders Association?

Mystery Round Six – Islands – in order

Put the following sovereign Caribbean nations in order – from south to north.

St. Vincent and Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia

Final Category 4 – Actor/Director Pairs

Beginning with The Jerk released in 1979, Steve Martin starred in three other films in the 1980s directed by Carl Reiner released in 1982, 1983 and 1984. Name two of these three films.

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