Another Saturday Night Coming Up and I Ain’t Got No Trivia- Wait, (Maybe) I Will!

Looks like a rare weekend trivia outing may happen this Saturday (February 11). The purpose will be to celebrate the birthday of late, great comedy actor Leslie Nielsen. What – you don’t celebrate his birthday? Shame on you 🧒! I like watching his Naked gun films to celebrate his birthday. Airplane! is a good one too!

The trivia spot we may visit is one we haven’t visited since November, 2019. It used to be a semi regular trivia spot, and we even qualified for at least a couple of trivia tournaments playing there.

Big ups to ya if you caught the Sam Cooke reference in this blog title. In other news, I’ll be wrapping up my birthday trivia questions and sharing them sometime Saturday. They’re all done, I just need to spiff ’em up.

Why are you still reading? Start watching one of Leslie Nielsen’s films now – yes you can watch Forbidden Planet if you want!

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