Trivia Recap – Game # 732 – November 18, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

Who doesn’t like being asked about stuff you know about in a trivia game?

As some of you know, we’re a trivia team called the Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods, and we’re based in Southeast Michigan. We have a fan page on Facebook, but I have deactivated our Twitter page. Mainly because I never used it – not “just” as an Elon Musk protest, but I digress…

Our “team” these days is mainly just me and my husband Mike, though occasionally some of my teammates from the long, long ago – or from the “before times” – will help us out a bit (usually virtually). With a name like this, one would assume that we like cephalopods! And yes, you’d be correct! It’s always frustrating when you take a trip to an aquarium and you try to see them – since they are nocturnal – and they like to hide! Awww, they’re just like us, aren’t they? Look at this picture – don’t we all have days like this? This is exactly how I feel when I get home after a shift at work (especially lately, ugh)!

So you can imagine our excitement when we had a question about (drum roll) cephalopods in a recent virtual trivia game! Our trivia host, who uses the stage name “Epic,” switches out a question in each game and uses a category chosen by his regular players. You’ll have to read on to see which question it was.

As for the game, we didn’t do TOO badly! We flubbed a question about South American borders (darn those countries that sound like they should be in Africa), and missed a question about a Nick Nolte movie from the 1990s. Though our mojo involving Nick Nolte movies is usually “OK,” if it’s a sportsball movie…well!

Here were our questions:

Round One –

1 Museums – Which Western U.S. state is home to the J. Paul Getty Museum, one of the most visited in the U.S.?

2 audio

3 Tennis – Since 2000, only two American tennis players have won the U.S. Open in men’s singles. Name either of those players.
NERD POINT: Name both.

Got one guy correct, missed the bonus.

4 Fruit – What spiky pink and green cactus fruit with a speckled white flesh is known as a pitaya in Mexico? Mike came up with this correct answer, yay!

Mystery One –

TV Workplaces – Name the TV show based on the workplace featured in the series.

1. Winfred-Lauder Department Store (1995-2004)

2. Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (1989-present)

3. Sunshine Cab Company (1978-1983)

4. Rosebud Motel (2015-2020)

Got all of these correct.

Round Two –

5 90s Films – Shaquille O’Neal plays a star basketball recruit for the Western University Dolphins in what 1994 film that also stars Nick Nolte? Miss.

6 Same Name – What 8-letter cephalopod whose name is derived from the Ancient Greek term for sailor is the only one that still exists with a true external shell and shares its name with a company that markets, develops and manufactures fitness equipment?

After the question was asked, we joked that this cephalopod is like the “Donny” of the cephalopod world (that’s a Big Lebowski reference). Why? These ‘pods aren’t generally considered as smart as their cousins, including the squid, octopus, or cuttlefish. Did I just give another clue to the answer? When this cephalopod tries to talk to his smarter cousins, they all tell him to…

7 Authors – The only Mississippi-born Nobel laureate is what author, born in 1897, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the novels A Fable and The Reivers?

8 Catchphrases – What is the longtime two-word catchphrase of the Kool-Aid Man? 

Someone in the Zoom session asked whether this catchphrase originated with the Kool-Aid Man – or with Randy Savage (my money says the Kool-Aid man said it first).

Mystery Two – Visual

We were in second going into the final question with 51 points.

What science fiction literary award, which was first awarded in 1953, is named for an editor and writer who founded the magazine Amazing Stories in 1926?

Got this correct, so did the teams ahead of us. The tiebreaker question for first was to state how many days Lyndon Johnson served as vice president of the United States.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Pete Sampras!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 732 – November 18, 2022 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

  1. round one –
    california, sweet child of mine, pete sampras/andy roccick, dragon fruit
    round two – blue chips, nautilus, william faulkner, oh yeah
    mystery one – drew cary show, simpsons, taxi, schitt’s creek
    mystery two
    yes (brazil/peru), no (peru/uruguay), no (brazil/guyana), no, ecuador/suriname)
    final – hugo

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