Hey Guys!

Just a little note to say “hi,” and also that I’ve been busy! Work is particularly tiring for me these days, and I’m heading into what will arguably be my busiest work week of the year next week. But I have Thanksgiving off!

My husband and I recently stayed in a local hotel to take advantage of the “amenities,” mainly including the pool and hot tub. We had the whole natatorium (look it up, yes it’s a real word) to ourselves for nearly 90 minutes! And the jazzy mid century modern playlist was really relaxing!

Not so relaxing was our decision to drive to a nearby crowded sports bar for a night cap, but sometimes you need to try different beers – and sometimes you need to watch all of the sportsball at once! The bar we visited is called Buffalo Wild Wings, but it used to be called Damon’s. We hadn’t been in that bar since its name was Damon, interestingly enough. We used to live close enough there to walk.

Before closing out this pointless blog (cough), I’ll just say we’re doing a virtual trivia game tonight so I’ll (hopefully) be able to recap it on Sunday – (my next day off).

Happy holidays (sigh)!

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