Trivia Recap – Game #626 – January 8, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

Ah, winter during plague-filled times can be a challenge! My husband and I have been spending more evenings at home for going on two years now. Which means (drum roll), more virtual trivia games! When we do feel like venturing out to a watering hole, it’s usually so we can sit in an igloo or by a fire pit. On those rare occasions where we actually sit inside, it’s most likely a weeknight (Sunday-Thursday), and at an off time (after peak dinner hours done).

After posting this recap, we’ll be taking a short break from the virtual trivia games. How short? Well, it could be as short as a couple of days, or as long as a week (though that last option is highly unlikely)!

We recently bought a couple of “add ons” for our Zombies!!! game. We now have zoo animal miniatures and zoo-based scenarios we can play (which are really, really fun), and we also have the option of using those miniatures in other games! Wouldn’t ferocious zoo animals be fun in a Zombicide scenario? We think so! And we’re going to work on ways to incorporate them into our games!

Isn’t breaking up the monotony fun?

Here were our questions in a Stump! virtual trivia game we played January 8 – which was also my niece’s 21st birthday! She just completed a cross country ski competition in Utah and finished well enough to earn a spot at a global competition in Norway next month! Woot!

Yeah, our virtual trivia game questions will pale in comparison to that very exciting news, yet here we are:

Round One

1) Businesses – Supercuts and Great Clips offer what type of services?

2) According to a 1954 book by Dr. Seuss, what town exists within a speck of dust, which is placed on a clover flower by Horton the Elephant?

3) Measures – The FFF system is a system of units based on impractical measurements, with the unit of mass being the firkin. Name either the unit of length or the unit of time, both of which also begin with “F.”

+1 Point: Name both.

We got one, but not both. We joked about putting “fuck ton” as a joke guess.

The person pictured is a clue to the next answer.

4) ’60s Songs – What two real-life people are the subjects of a 1969 top ten single that references a marriage in Gibraltar, a honeymoon in Paris, and the Amsterdam Hilton? Miss, my mother would probably know this one.

Mystery One – Elevations

Identify the states based upon the highest points of elevation listed.

M1) Mount Rainier (14,417 ft.)

2) Mount Sunflower (4,041 ft.)

3) Britton Hill (345 ft.)

4) Hawkeye Point (1,671 ft.)

Got all of these. Knowing state nicknames helped quite a bit.

Round Two

1) Senators – Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse are the two current U.S. Senators from which Midwestern state? Nope, miss.

6) Film Debuts – What actress, born in 1926 with the last name Mortenson, made her first of nearly 30 film appearances in the 1947 film Dangerous Years, as a waitress named Evie? Seems to me she lived her life like a (fill in the blank).

7) Baseball – Outfielder Vince Coleman is the most recent MLB player to top triple digits in what statistical category in a single regular season, with 109 in 1987? We put in a guess, but nope, miss.

8) Mythology – In Greek mythology, what god of the harvest is the father of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and others?

Mystery Two – Current Events

Answer the questions about events that have taken place recently.

M1) On Tuesday, what company that has been mostly out of the phone business since 2016 discontinued support for its classic devices that don’t run on Android software?

M2) Little Caesars announced a price increase for its signature Hot-N-Ready pizza, moving from a standard price of $5 to what new standard price?

M3) On Monday, what former Theranos CEO was found guilty on four counts of defrauding investors?

M4) On New Year’s Day, a loud boom was heard over the area around what U.S. city, which the National Weather Service believes was an exploding meteor?

Pretty sad. We only got #4 correct.

As if doing horribly on mystery round two wasn’t bad enough, we were presented with the final category of:

Emmy Awards

Me: “Ugh, wager zero.” We knew this wouldn’t help and never does, except for that couple of times we wagered zero and wound up in first – which doesn’t happen often. Here goes:

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, the winners of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie were “San Junipero,” “USS Callister,” and Bandersnatch, which are all episodes or interactive films in what anthology series?

Nope, not a clue.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Zeus!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game #626 – January 8, 2022 – Virtual Stump! Format

  1. round one
    hair cuts, whoville, furlong/fortnight, ballad of john and yoko
    round two
    nebraska, marilyn monroe, stolen bases, cronus
    mystery one
    washington, kansas, florida, iowa
    mystery two
    blackberry, 5.55, elizabeth holmes, pittsburgh
    final black mirror

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