Did I Spot An Error in “Yellowstone?”

I really don’t want to be “that guy.” And by “that guy,” I mean…a nitpicker. Especially those who find goofs in movies and TV shows then post them online. Yet here we are. When I think of the phrase, “Don’t be that guy,” I think I first encountered it while watching the movie PCU, which I’ve described countless times as a Gen-X version of Animal House:

Here I go with a lame attempt at pointing out an error in a popular TV show. And I really, really hope that I’m wrong (honestly I do)! Without keeping y’all in suspense much longer, here goes:

Jamie Dutton was not the right age to have been “sucking on a crack pipe” when he was a baby.

Me, pointing out a possible error on Yellowstone

I’m a little late to the Yellowstone party since I don’t have the Paramount + streaming service. As a result, I recently watched season 3 on DVD, which I ordered from Netflix’s disc service. And I’ve already read ahead to see what happens in season 4 (I don’t like surprises)!

I’m going to assume anyone else reading this has already seen season 3 and is probably a Yellowstone fan, so I’ll skip any details you don’t need. Long story short, Jamie finds out he’s not a Dutton family member by birth, and meets his real-life scumbag dad. His dad tells him that his mother sold her body for drugs and he killed her for it. He also mentions that baby Jamie was sucking on a crack pipe and starving when this happened.

Wait, what? The Yellowstone Wiki tells me that Jamie Dutton was born in 1979. I’m not exactly an expert on crack, but I’m pretty sure crack didn’t make its way into even the most urban areas until the mid 1980s, let alone rural Montana. Is the Wiki incorrect? Or was daddy lying?

It’s really not a big thing, what’s a few years, anyway? It’s not going to keep me from watching this series, even if I have to find creative ways to watch it!

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