We Played 127 Trivia Games in 2021? Wait…What?

What do you think of when you see the number 127?

Did you think of James Franco in 127 Hours before you saw this photo?

Of those games, we finished in the top three 69 times. Now what do you think of when you see the number 69? Do you want me to go into another room while your mind goes to a filthy place? Or were you genuinely thinking of the summer of 1969, when we had the moon landing, hippies doing stuff at Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco or maybe because it’s the year my older brother was born? Yeah, I’ve always been jealous of my brother for having been in a “cool” year as opposed to the year 1972 in which I was born, but as I’m guilty of doing too much, I digress!

Of those 127 games, two of them were in person games, both of which ended with their own special disasters – one of which involved me lashing out verbally at a player who came too close to my table when I was sitting alone – the other disaster involved the one other player (besides my husband) who played with us informing me three days later that when he was at the game he was likely COVID positive.

Neither of those things – or the super infectiousness of the Omicron variant make the prospect of going out for in-person trivia games very appealing to us! Most of the time when we “go out” these days, it’s for takeout, sitting outdoors either in an “igloo” or preferably by a fire pit, or inside – but only before or after prime dinner hours – and only if the place isn’t too crowded and we can sit at least 12 feet away from others.

Yes, that kind of takes the spontaneity out of things, doesn’t it? And yes it is frustrating – and yes I have cabin fever like you would not believe. Which is why I just made a reservation for a cabin rental later in January. We’ll be by a lake (pretty), have an indoor kitchen sink (yay I cans do dishes), microwave (yay I can heat up Hot Pockets), and an indoor bathroom with a shower (yay I don’t have to wander outside in Hoth like conditions when nature calls and yay I have no excuse not to shower)! It also has two bedrooms, which my husband and I don’t really need, but is probably appealing to families with kids. The cabin we’re renting is called a “Deluxe Camper Cabin” and is offered at just a few Michigan State Parks. From what I can gather from their web site, Ionia Recreation Area, Sleepy Hollow State Park and Holly Recreation Area are the only parks offering cabins like these as of now.

So which one will we be staying in? Sleepy Hollow. It’s a park we’ve never visited, has a cabin all by itself and isn’t too far from home. Now all I’ll have to do is scout out locations to buy firewood!

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