Trivia Recap – Game # 613 – December 13, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Note: I’m getting ready to play a virtual trivia game in about 15 minutes, so in the time I have I’ll share the questions from a game a couple of nights ago (I’ve been busy):

1) For Sale – What organization offers Samoas, Tagalongs, or Do-si-dos for sale in some parts of the U.S. and Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches for sale in other parts of the U.S.?

2) Film Roles – What is the name of the character portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in the Matrix movie franchise?

3) Speeches – In Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” what is the first word after “Four score and seven years ago”?
NERD POINT: What is the last word of the Gettysburg Address?

Thanks Mike for knowing this and the bonus!

4) Slogans – What fast food restaurant chain has used the slogan “It’s good mood food?” We are not good at fast food stuff, miss.

T.S. Initials
Give the first and last names of the people described by the following clues, all of whom have the initials “T.S.”

M1) Rapper who has had five albums reach #1 on the Billboard 200, including Me Against the World in 1995 and Loyal to the Game in 2004

M2) Actress whose highest-grossing films at the domestic box office include Avengers: Endgame; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

M3) Australian YouTuber-turned actor and singer whose highest-charting songs on the Billboard Hot 100 are “Youth” and “You”

M4) NFL quarterback who was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2015 out of Northwestern University

Got 1 and 2 correct.
5) Logos – From 1965-1976, which MLB team’s logo included an image of its stadium being circled by baseballs and its team name?

6) Holiday Songs – (AUDIO) The following clip is from a song released in 2004 on a holiday album by what Canadian band? Almost recognized the singer’s voice, but not quite…miss.

7) U.S. Presidents – Which 20th-century U.S. president who served only one term wrote over a dozen books, including Freedom Betrayed, American Ideals Versus the New Deal, and Fishing for Fun: And to Wash Your Soul? We were one of only two teams getting this correct.

8) Albums – When it was originally released in 1971, what band’s album, Sticky Fingers, featured a working zipper on its cover?

Name the Washington DC buildings appearing on U.S. paper currency (quickfire)

We were in ? place going into the final with ? points.

Final Category – Academy Awards

Since the introduction of the PG-13 rating in 1984, only two films that are rated PG have earned the Academy Award for Best Picture. Name either of those films.

We were off by one year in our guess on one of these. Miss. What would we know about PG rated films? Bring the sexual situations, profanity and violence – yes please!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jessica Tandy (especially when you’re playing a racist old lady)!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 613 – December 13, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. round one
    girl scouts, morpheus, our/earth, arby’s
    round two
    astros, barenaked ladies, hoover, rolling stones
    mystery one
    tupac shakur, tilda swington, troye sivan, trevor stemian
    mystery 2
    u.s. treasury, capitol, white house, lincoln memorial

    final out of africa, driving miss daisy

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