First Place Virtual Trivia Tonight!

It’s a rarity, but…

We got first place in a virtual trivia game tonight! We were in first going into the final, and we held onto our lead by getting a final question about snowy U.S. states correct.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing the recap, but I have the questions saved, so it’s just a matter of having some time to do it.

Side note, it’s been crazy busy for me at work, so I’m doing my best to make most of my leisure time (I’ll leave it at that)!

But I do have a trivia question for you if you’ve bothered to read this far!

What Guns ‘N Roses song was omitted from a box set reissue of “Appetite For Destruction” released in 2018 because of its controversial content? The bonus set also contained songs from “GNR Lies” on a bonus disc.

See if you know this one! My husband and I were chatting about Guns ‘N Roses songs recently, and mentioned “That one song that got Axl into a lot of trouble with the media.” A few minutes later I remembered the song’s name which was my “triviagasm” moment.

Well? Do YOU know this answer – or not?

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