GO BLUE! Cheers to Your Win Today (November 27, 2021)

This was my dad’s “tailgate van.” And me at age 4. The van had blue shag carpet inside, and he would take me to some of the U of M home games in a vain attempt to get me to appreciate football. I may not be a huge football fan, but I do have a deep appreciation for the important finer points of the sport, and I’m a fair weather fan with the best of ’em!

Now that this busy, busy day and weekend is winding down for me, here are my thoughts on today’s epic football game – The Ohio State University at University at University of Michigan – Michigan won, 42 to 27 – and they were not favored to win.. Obviously, since I don’t want my dad to disinherit me (LOL), I wanted U of M to win! And boy, did they!

I was working all day, so all I had was brief jaunts into the Internets when I got break time, and thanks to my buddy Brad, a text message with the final score, which I was able to share with my fellow employees slaving away on this work day. This was an important game to win, and GO THE F— BLUE! Hail to the Victrola! JK! I was a bit salty driving home in the snow after work in post game traffic, uttering things like “Oh yeah – tuck that f—ing Buckeye tail between your legs and go the f— home,” and “You can’t win every game against us!” Sometimes being imprisoned in a shiny metal box brings out the worst in us. But GO BLUE!

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