I Haven’t Got Time For The Pain…

I am listening to the Carly Simon song by this title as I type this. Why? I’ll tell you!

Wednesday night, my husband and I – whom are both fully vaccinated and received our boosters 12 days ago (please consider these facts carefully before I proceed with my story). Also consider that neither of us have been doing much indoor “barflying” at all – opting instead to use outdoor seating, fire pits, igloos, etc. God look how many virtual trivia games we’ve done!

And this past Wednesday, we meet a friend for an indoor trivia night after months of massive hesitation. And three days later (today), this friend texts me and says “You should get a COVID test. I tested positive with a home test although my symptoms are quite mild.”

He speculates he might have caught it at a family Thanksgiving dinner, or from a person with him he plays board games – whom in turn might have caught it from a bartender at the bar where they played the games.

What the ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK? Glad I got this news before I was supposed to meet with my brother, sister-in-law, niece (a very competitive and COVID cautious NCAA athlete) and my parents for a carryout anniversary dinner (cue the extra caution with making it carryout instead of in person dining). We decided at our niece’s behest to stay home instead.

As of now, neither my husband or I are showing any symptoms at all. And our friend is very immune compromised. We’re still figuring out what to do, and will likely buy those use at home COVID tests.

At this rate, we’ll never play any live trivia games indoors again! Time to start hiding under our rocks again. Speaking of trivia, I have a virtual game in a few minutes!!!

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