Good Night!

I worked two busy consecutive days in Retailville. Thankfully none of that work involved having to operate a cash register, though there was much power merchandise straightening involved, as well as much, much direction giving (fitting room locations, restroom locations, air fryer locations, etc.) – and even more staying enough under the radar of supervisors and bosses so as they leave you the fuck alone and not assign you mundane jobs you wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot clown pole. Mission accomplished!

Maybe drinking a coffee beer to start the night of drinking was a bad choice (Borealis Broo from Keweenaw Brewing Company in MI for inquiring minds). I’m only starting to be legit tired now after my husband has already gone to bed (hey nobody likes a quitter, dear). But I’m having a good time listening to tracks on Spotify in my dimly lit basement. Which is only lit with Christmas lights, in addition to me (see what I did there). Such is my life now that I “might” be COVID positive. I schedule ONE trivia night indoors with a fully vaccinated and boosted teammate – to play with my husband and I whom are also both vaccinated and boosted – and our friend tests positive for COVID?

I honestly fucking give up. Honestly us trying to be social and experience the real world again is not in the cards. I’m outta here (and I really need to get to bed). Maybe when this Thompson Twins song ends! OK, maybe one more!

Good night!

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