The Recaps Are Coming! The Recaps Are Coming! Also…a Trivia “Countdown!”

I’m getting ready to share a couple of recent virtual trivia recaps. As long as the questions have been properly saved as text documents and are not in the aether (yes I spelled that correctly).

I’m listening to my recently created “Songs for November” playlist on Spotify. What does “Songs for November” mean? Well, to me, they mean songs that might have more than your average notes of bleakness and despair – or even songs that mention November specifically (like November Rain by Guns ‘n Roses and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitizgerald by Gordon Lightfoot). The first song on the list (which will be shuffled after it plays) is No Quarter by Led Zeppelin. There are actually a few Led Zep tunes on this list. And I just added a couple of Neil Young tracks, and speaking of “track,” I just thought I should add The Needle and the Damage Done.

Sure, you COULD say it’s a depressing playlist. It’s not inaccurate. But let’s face it – November is a damned depressing month. Halloween is over, and (ugh) Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming. I’m saying “ugh” more for Christmas than for Thanksgiving. Sorry, too many years of retail slavery have caused it to lose most of its charm for me. Though not quite all – I still like holiday inspired beers – and string lights!

BUT HOW ABOUT TRIVIA? I just bothered to read one of the “post game recaps” sent by Sporcle after you play a game. And we have played 593 times! That is just so…mind boggling. I don’t know how far they’re tracking us, but it’s still…well, I’ll let Bill and Ted say it…

Yes, this is how I feel about my trivia team having played regularly 593 times over almost the past 10 years! We played irregularly a bit longer back than that.

So the next recaps will have numbers with them indicating how many games we’ve played. I plan to do that from now on, but no way am I going to go through every other trivia recap and number them. I don’t have time for that, folks!

But enough silliness about counting trivia games and Spotify playlists. I need to get those recaps posted!

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