Trivia Recap (Game #592) – November 6, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

What do YOU think of when you think of the words “Mr. Tickle?” Yes, I “might” be giving away one of the answers from a trivia game we played recently (hey call it me being nice) – but really – what do you think of? Do you want me to look away while you answer because you’re too embarrassed? Or is there something you want to show me that you might have named “Mr. Tickle?”

How did we do in that game? Well, the league page says we came in first. But I don’t know if there were other teams ahead of us that weren’t league teams. Maybe. Let’s get to the questions and maybe I’ll figure that out!

This particular game was hosted by the metro Detroit, MI host who calls himself “The Dave Johnson,” whom we first met in real live trivia when he hosted at a dank trivia joint we used to frequent in Ann Arbor, MI called The Heidelberg. Upstairs it’s a fairly decent German restaurant, but we played in the basement, which was a bit dank, especially in summertime. But we won enough times so that it seemed like all we did was pay tips on the $5 pitchers of craft beer. In fact, I even have $11 left on a gift card from there! Oh trivia memories…

Well, onto a new trivia memory!

Round One

1) Logos – What animal largely obscures the letter “L” in the logo for Aflac? Almost overthought it, but got it.

2) Capitals – Name two of the four U.S. state capitals that have the letter “Y” in their names but do NOT have the word “city.”

+1 point for the name of each of the other two

Got this for the points and extra points.

3) Diseases – What viral disease, also known as epidemic parotitis, causes swelling of the parotid glands located near the mouth?

4) Sesame Street -Which Sesame Street character is based on Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of a certain character in a 1931 film?

Mystery One

For this mystery round, there are four answers, and they must be placed in the correct order. You will receive two points for each answer that is in the correct spot 1-4.

Given the year in which they appeared in a film about dogs, put the following performers in order according to how many dogs are referenced in the title of each film, from the most dogs to the fewest.

Tom Hanks (1989)
Glenn Close (1996)
Paul Walker (2006)
Tessa Thompson (2019)

We had no idea who Tessa Thompson was, but we still guessed our way to victory on this one. Yay!

Round Two

1) Books -The first book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves is about what character with very long arms? Yup, I gave you the answer in the beginning of this recap.

2) Presidents – Of the five U.S. presidents who immediately preceded Ronald Reagan in office, which one was born before Reagan? Got it.

3) Languages – What is the six-letter term meaning “thank you” in Italian?

4) Trades – What player was the centerpiece of an August 1988 NHL trade that caused Canadian parliament member Nelson Riis to demand that the government block the deal? It’s great when that one of maybe five hockey players you can name is the right answer!

Answer the questions about events that took place recently.

M1) McDonald’s announced a contest where it will give away “digital versions” of what sandwich, in honor of its 40th anniversary, with the sandwich returning to menus nationwide for a limited time?

M2) Name two of the top four schools in the initial 2021 College Football Playoff Rankings released on Tuesday.

M3) On Tuesday, who was elected to be the second Black mayor of New York City, following David Dinkins in the 1990s?

M4) In an interview with Howard Stern, what actress announced her engagement to screenwriter Dylan Meyer, saying “We’re marrying, it’s happening?”

Did pretty poorly on this round…missed 2, 3, and 4. Though we did name one of the correct colleges in the sportsball question!

We were in fifth going into the final with 47 points.

Final Category – Soup

FINAL QUESTION: Name two of the four most popular varieties of soup in the United States, according to a survey by Personal Creations.

I think all teams got this one correct. We finished with 67 points,.

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Tickle! Whatever you are 🙂

One thought on “Trivia Recap (Game #592) – November 6, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. round one
    duck, albany/cheyenne/montgomery/olympia, mumps, the count
    round two
    mr. tickle, lyndon johnson, gratzi, wayne gretzky
    mystery one
    4, 1, 2, 3
    mystery 2
    mcrib, GA/Alabama/MSU/U of Oregon, eric adams, kristen stewart
    final – chicken noodle, tomato, clam chowder, potato

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