TIL at Costco…

The pizza slices in Costco’s Foodcourtia are HUGE! Only $1.99 for each cheese slice that will easily suffice for lunch! I added sliced stuffed olives and chopped artichokes. “Foodcourtia” is not the actual name of Costco’s food court, it’s an “Invader Zim” reference that maybe two readers might actually get! 🙂

So…what else did I learn at Costco today? We went on a little “expedition” to pick up a couple of bottles of Kirkland vodka, a 30 pack case of LaCroix seltzer water, a couple of jugs of Kirkland lemonade (see where I’m going here), a box of Belvita snack biscuits and a two-pack of adult gummy vitamins.

Well, I learned they have self checkouts now! While my husband paid for the booze, snacks and mixers, I paid for the gummies in the lovely self checkout. Then proceeded to Foodcourtia to get a cheap hot lunch. You place your order, if paying by card, at a little kiosk and then bam, you get food! Imagine my surprise when he put my four slices in a full size pizza box. When we got home, my husband exclaimed, “There’s practically a whole pizza here!”

Not bad for under $8! And now I have some lunch for tomorrow! My only complaint is they no longer have the hot turkey ciabatta sandwiches (they had to cut their menu back because of COVID, according to a worker). But had that not happened, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon the audacious deal with the pizza! Living in a COVID fueled world is always about having things not quite go as planned #amirite?

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