Virtual Game Tonight!

I know this isn’t terribly exciting, but we’ll be doing a virtual trivia game tonight! Just a singular game, they didn’t offer the option of the double game – which bums me out! But believe me, there are far more things frustrating and bumming me out right now than offerings of virtual trivia games!

Honestly – who wants to hear about any of that? I’m settling in for a cozy night of virtual trivia – and Zombicide – Wizard of Oz Edition – in the basement! The string lights we put up down here during the power outage are still up (I think they’re pretty)! I’m listening to some Prince songs on Spotify – the song “Pop Life” is kind of…speaking to me right now (ahem). It’s scratching an itch – and making me feel a little less sorry for myself 🙂

Yes, we’ve adapted our Zombicide game nights. Rather than dispatching zombies and abominations, we’re playing characters in the Land of Oz – Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion – and we are fighting the Wicked Witch, Winkie guards, wolves and other various baddies – all while using the “Black Plague” cards and tiles (medieval setting). Mike even read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to get some inspiration, and I checked out a few more Oz books from the library today for him to study.

I don’t have any photos to share at the moment, but my husband did some nice drawings of the Oz characters (Dorothy is kind of hot), Lion is very feral – and Tin Man looks like a steampunk bot thing. He is playing Dorothy and Scarecrow (Dorothy is the team leader and he’s the more skilled gamer) – while I play Tin Man and Lion – whom are both essentially the muscle of the group! He plays the brains, I play the brawn! It’s a co-operative game, so he can point me at the things I’m supposed to kill – and I kill ’em!

Ray Bolger could MOVE!

One of the abilities you can have in Zombicide is “slippery,” which enables players to make extra movement. I convinced him that Scarecrow should start off with this ability as a nod to actor Ray Bolger’s awesome dancing skills (he could do the splits).

If you’ve continued reading this far, then go ahead and look up “Scarecrow deleted scene Wizard of Oz” and you just might get to see this nice little dance number that didn’t make it into the movie!

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