Still Tiptoeing Into Socializing Post Pandemic…And Trivia Games

Two nights ago, I met a trivia teammate for the first time since before the plague and hugged him not only once – but twice. He’s gay, so I felt safe doing it! It was good to see him again!

About three weeks ago, I played in our first live trivia game since befòre the plague and, well – it didn’t go so well. A player came to my table after the game was over when I was alone at the table (husband in bathroom), and he said “Good to see you again,” and attempted to fist bump me (his team had a perfect game).

Well. I… freaked out. I told the guy to “Go fuck yourself.” Yes, admittedly there is a little bad blood between me and his trivia teammate going back a couple of years, still I’m not proud of having said that. But I think that just shows I’m not quite ready for prime time in person trivia yet. So when my husband and I talked about going out and playing in person this week, I asked if my husband was ready. He said he wasn’t. I breathed a sigh of relief when he said it because truth be told – I knew I wasn’t ready, either. I had to email the other player who’d agreed to join us.

So when will I be ready? Tough to say. I guess I will know when I know. All I know is the pandemic pretty much destroyed my social skills, which before the pandemic, were meager at best. It’s been a tough slog for sure.

We had planned to play Wednesday. I’m happy to see a longtime rival team was in the mix at the bar we’d planned to play, and I’m sorry we missed the chance to meet them in trivia battle. It will happen again soon, mark my words! Getting me and my husband (both introverts ) over our pandemic hangups will be key. Is there a vaccine for that? I think not…

Maybe next week will work better. I don’t work next Wednesday, so that may be a good day to do it. We shall see! I will keep you all updated on this blog site!

Go Pods! Even if we are a bit too much like our animal mascots and it’s hard getting us to come out of our underwater lair!

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