We “Might” Go Out For Trivia This Week (Operative Word “Might”)

I’m hesitant to make any real trivia plans to go out for a trivia game next week, but I will say that a Wednesday game next week (August 4) is a “maybe.” I’m working some later shifts next week, so it will come down to how I feel on that particular day after work. If that particular Wednesday doesn’t work, I’ll look at Wednesdays after that.

I looked at my team’s profile on the Sporcle page and did a little updating. We’re in ninth place nationally (in virtual games)? What the f—? How in the world did THAT happen? 🙂

It also says the most recent place we played a live game was The Owl, which would have been in March, 2020 – right before everything was shut down. So…what better place to go back to play once we’re ready to play in the coming weeks? I hesitate to make plans with any other players besides my husband, since I know how hesitant we’ve both been about getting back into live trivia and into public places. Only after we officially go into the deep end of the trivia pool will we start contacting other players about joining us in that deep end of the pool and playing trivial water polo (maybe that should be a real game). I mean – it’s one thing to cancel on plans with your regular “trivia pardner,” but it’s another thing to have to cancel on other people. And I don’t want to have to do it.

In the meantime, I have a recap of Friday’s night’s virtual game to post, so I’ll be right back with y’all in a bit!

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