Trivia Recap (Two Games) – July 28, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

We’d originally thought we’d do our first indoor – and in person Sporcle Live pub trivia game since before the plague hit in 2020, but…that didn’t happen! Instead, we signed on for a virtual game in the two-game format used in the regular bar trivia games. Ah, just like old times! Except for having to get dressed to go out! It’s going to be a tough transition!!!

We flubbed BOTH final questions (sorry I am not a happy person about the Olympics right now, and it has nothing to do with dress codes for handball players). Though I do think those Norwegian handball players should wear whatever the f— they’re comfortable wearing. I’m just not into the Summer Olympics. Winter sports are so much more fun to watch! I mean, really – what could be more mesmerizing watching than curling? Who needs speed when you have accuracy and precision?

Ended with a “meh” 78 points for the night. But really – who cares about points these days? 🙂

It was just my regular trivia pardner Mike and I battling the questions on this particular night, and here were those questions:

Game One

1) Actors – What young actor appeared in all of the following films?
Pay It Forward, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and The Sixth Sense? Anyone remember him when he appeared on The X Files? That was a WEIRD episode!

2) Twitter – What word fills both blanks in a viral July 2021 tweet?
“those who attack (BLANK) maybe don’t realize that (BLANK) represents hope
for so many people.” Our guess was “vaccinations.” Wrong…

3) Elements – Which one of the noble gases is the most common in Earth’s atmosphere, making up about 1%? Nope, miss…

4) Presidents – Since the 22nd Amendment was enacted, barring anyone from being elected president more than twice, how many U.S. presidents have served two full terms? And back on the board for max points!

5) Kids’ Books – In The Magic School Bus book series, what is the name of the teacher who takes her class on a variety of adventures?
NERD POINT: Who is the author of this series?

Mike came up with right guess for the teacher – but we wagered low (nice work, man)!

6) Reality TV – (AUDIO) – Audio clip of woman going on a rant about something, made right guess for the show even though we never watched one single episode (isn’t it great when that happens)?

7) Rivers – The Kaskaskia River is a 325-mile-long tributary of the Mississippi River located entirely in which Midwest U.S. state, rising near the city of Champaign? Yay points again!

8) Drummers – Since 1990, Tré Cool has been the drummer for what rock band that has earned five Grammy Awards, including Best Musical Show Album for a 2010 Broadway musical?

9) Slogans – What company, founded in 1927, has used the slogan “Babies are our business?” No, it has nothing to do with the black market!

This sport will be asked about in a bit!

10) Olympic Sports – What sport, which has been part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1988, is governed by the ITTF and has been dominated by China and South Korea, which have won 71 of the 100 medals awarded prior to the 2020 Olympics?

Mystery – Quickfire

For this mystery round, your team can give four answers and can put them in any order you choose. You will receive two points for each correct answer.
Name the four U.S. state capitals that share a first letter with their respective states.

Easy peasy, got ’em all…

What ten-letter English word derives from a Sanskrit word that translates to “world-lord” and that was used as one of the names of Krishna?

An early use of its current English meaning was by Robert Louis Stevenson describing Mr. Hyde as an out-of-control character in an 1886 novel.
It is also the name of a Marvel character introduced in 1965 who has been affiliated with the Lethal Legion and Thunderbolts, among more well-known groups.

Mike came up with what we thought was a really, really good guess. And the word he came up with even sounded Sanskritty. But it was not the word we needed…

Game Two

1) Pizza – What standard pizza ingredient is not used in a pizza bianca, also known as a white pizza?

2) Movie Songs – The song “Glory,” performed by Common and John Legend, won an Oscar and a Golden Globe after being featured on the soundtrack to what 2014 film set in Alabama?

3) College Basketball – Aside from Alaska, which Eastern U.S. state is the only state that has never had a school in the Men’s Division I NCAA Basketball Tournament? Nope, we incorrectly guessed Rhode Island.

4) TV Actors – What Star Trek actor played the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock from the Sun?

5) Islands – After Sicily and Sardinia, what independent nation is the third-largest Mediterranean island? FB clue, thankfully I looked at a host’s clue before the game.

6) 1960s Music – What 1968 single by Marvin Gaye was used in advertisements by the California Raisin Advisory Board?

7) Stories – In an 1820 story by Washington Irving, a love triangle exists involving Abraham “Brom Bones” Van Brunt, Katrina Van Tassel, and what man, a new-in-town schoolmaster?

8) Art – What kind of work of art gets its name from the Latin word for “wall”?

9) Dolls – Introduced in 2001, what line of fashion dolls features characters named Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha?

10) U.S. Government – What word is represented by the letter D in the full name of the government agency abbreviated as the FDIC?

NERD POINT: In what decade was the FDIC formed?

Got it, but missed the bonus by a decade.

Visual Mystery

Got all of these correct.

Final Category – Track and Field

The men’s Olympic decathlon consists of ten events, including four events that involve running a specified distance.

Within 100, in meters, what is the combined distance of those four events, which consist of two sprint events, a hurdles event, and a middle-distance event?

Did I mention that I hate the Olympics? Ugh…yeah, we missed this.

Our next virtual game is Friday evening. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Tyra Banks (she was the one ranting about something in the audio question)!

One thought on “Trivia Recap (Two Games) – July 28, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. game one
    haley joel osment, space, argon, 5, ms frizzle (did not write down bonus answer), america’s next top model, Illinois, green day, gerber, table tennis/ping pong

    mystery – indianapolis, oklahoma city, honolulu, dover

    final – juggernaut

    game 2 –
    tomato sauce, selma, maine, wm shatner, cyprus, heard it through the grapevine, ichabod crane, mural, deposit/1930s

    mystery – dbac

    final – 2110 meters

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