Trivia Recap – Movie Plots Theme – Virtual/Streaming – June 16, 2021

We decided last minute to sign up for a “movies by plot” themed trivia game on a recent evening, and actually managed to hustle a few more players from friendly rival team Sparty On to help us out! Special thanks to Kim, Brent and “other Mike” (and his wife whose name I don’t remember), bringing our total number of players up to six! Nice teamwork on the questions, we managed to finish in fourth out of 15 teams playing. This was the first time this year we set up our virtual trivia game out on our deck, which was awesome – we don’t usually get to see bunnies hopping around during trivia games!

Only missed two mystery round questions in this set.

Here were the questions:

1. Encounters – In what 1989 film do a father and son pair try to locate some religious dinnerware, encountering Hitler on their journey?

2. Animals? – In what 1992 film does a character dressed as an animal use a whip while confronting an orphan character dressed as an animal and another orphan character dressed as an animal? Took us a little bit to come up with this, but we got it…

Know this movie? This will be asked about in a bit.

3. Classics – What classic film is described by the following plot?
A dog embarks on a fantastic adventure in another world as part of a group of five that meets the world’s de factor leader. Every member of the group except the dog is presented with a gift.

4. Plots – If someone had read about but never seen this 2000 film, they might think the following description is accurate.
A group of Spanish bulls is locked in battle with an Egyptian goddess and her followers in Southern California.

We were initially stumped by this, until Mike mentioned the Spanish word for “bull,” and it lit up a light bulb over Kim’s head (and she says she’s not usually good with movies trivia)! #triviagasm!

5. Hunting – What 1970s film sees three men traveling together in a vehicle—which really should be bigger—in pursuit of the destruction of an animal that is simply existing in its natural habitat? We were pretty “duh” on this one until Brent pointed out the very obvious answer…

6. Six Words – What 1999 film is described by the following six-word plot summary?
Techie hates job; pops a pill.

7. Murder – In what 1985 film do a group of alleged strangers attend a party where multiple people are murdered, and it’s not specifically determined how it all ends?

8. Devastation – In what 1968 film, the first in a series, does a man travel to a future New York, only to be struck by the near-total devastation?

9. Strong Women – What 1980s film sees a determined woman “think” about what she has to do after a restaurant’s cook and dishwasher are taken away by men in black? Another potential stumper here, but someone’s brain was working just in time for us to answer…

10. Backwards – If played backwards, what film is about a woman who gets so fed up with the people around her singing all the time that she runs away to become a nun? We talked about a few possibilities, got the right one…

Mystery – Movies By Plot

Identify the following movies based upon the release decade and IMDB keywords:

M1. 2010s: Torture, Kidnapping, Racism

M2. 1980s: Cancer, Dying Young, Extramarital Affair

M3. 1960s: Mirror, Evidence, Christmas

M4. 2000s: Orc, Epic, Battle

Missed #1 and #3. I saw a part of movie #3 once, but didn’t remember enough about it to be in “keyword” territory 😦 And I forgot movie #1 won the Oscar and wasn’t just a nominee (clearly I need to brush up on Oscar best pictures). We were in fourth with 59 points going into the final.

Final Category Same Plot

A single father will do anything to rescue his beloved missing child in a foreign land.
This plot summary describes what two films?

One was released in the U.S. in 2009 and has spawned two sequels and a TV series. The other was released in 2003 and is the highest grossing film at the domestic box office from that year.

Got it, but not enough to move up…hey, that was still a fun game!

As always, Go Pods, Sparty On, and stay classy, Gothmog the Orc!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Movie Plots Theme – Virtual/Streaming – June 16, 2021

  1. Indiana Jones and the last crusade, batman returns, the wizard of oz, bring it on, jaws, the matrix, clue, blues brothers, the sound of music

    mystery – 12 years a slave, terms of endearment, the apartment, the lord of the rings the return of the king

    final – taken, finding nemo

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