Trivia Recap – June 17, 2021 – (Virtual/Streaming)

@#$% those doctor cop lawyer trivia questions anyway! Any of you remember when profanity was depicted in this fashion? Looks funnier when it’s in a dialogue balloon above a comic strip character’s head!

For the second time in about as many weeks, we were laid low by yet another doctor, cop, lawyer trivia question. When oh when will someone finally make a series that incorporates all of these elements – and makes it funny so that I actually want to watch? Any TV producers follow us? Are you reading? Hire me as a consultant!

1. Sequels – What title character is played by Michael J. Fox in a 1985 film and by Jason Bateman in its 1987 sequel? It took us WAY too long to come up with this answer – and ’80s movies is supposed to be one of my strong categories!

Y’all can have Law and Order Christopher Meloni. I’ll take THIS Christopher Meloni! More about him in a bit…

2. Subtitles – What is the subtitle of the Law & Order series that debuted in 2021 and features Christopher Meloni reprising his role as Elliot Stabler from Special Victims Unit? I’m sorry, but Christopher Meloni will ALWAYS be “Freakshow” to me (from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle)!

3. Populations – What country is home to the largest population of Māori people, with more than 750,000 as of 2018? We thought we were 100 percent on our answer here, but since we kind of overthought a bit, went a bit lower (got it). Anyone ever watch the pre-game rituals this country does in their rugby games (so metal)!

4. Military – What animal is depicted in the logo of the United States Naval Construction Battalion, which includes around 14,000 active and reserve personnel? Miss. Mike’s daddy served in the Army, not the Navy 😦

5. Duos – Quin is the last name of what pair of identical twin sisters, who form a music duo under their first names? Never heard of them, miss.

6. Medications – Beginning in the 17th century, quinine has been used as a medication for what infectious disease? Also adds that special zip to tonic water that you either love – or hate.

7. Pro Sports – Among the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB, which one was once divided into the Capitol Division, Century Division, Coastal Division, and Central Division? Miss for BIG. Obviously we were way too “ballsy” here.

8. Cities – Name one of the three cities in Virginia with a larger population than the capital, Richmond. Thankfully Mike used to live in this state, and we also visited it in the past five years.

NERD POINT: Name two of three.

9. Companies – Since 2015, when it was acquired in a transaction worth more than $60 billion, DirecTV has been a subsidiary of what company? Miss.

10. Fast Food – According to its menu, KFC offers either 8, 12, or 16 pieces of chicken in what type of container?

Mystery Round: Add ’em Up

Each answer will be a number. Those numbers will add up to 154.

M1. Number in the title of a 1992 film starring Wesley Snipes that is partially set on an airplane

M2. Presidential order number of James Monroe

M3. The largest single digit in the title of a 2017 single by Logic featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid

M4. The largest two-digit number that has no repeated letters when spelled out in English

Missed #1 and #4.

Final Category – Earth Science

The two most abundant compounds in Earth’s crust both include oxygen. Name one of the other two elements that make up these compounds, which are by far the most abundant by weight.

We’re usually good in this category, but not on this night…at least we didn’t have the other final question that was presented to the pub trivia players – which would have been far worse:
Of the nine currently running Broadway shows that have staged at least 1,000 performances, two debuted more recently than Hamilton. Name either of those musicals.

God, we don’t even know shit about Hamilton, let alone any other shows more recent than that one! Ask me about Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals and we’ll talk!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Christopher Meloni (when you’re playing Freakshow in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle)!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – June 17, 2021 – (Virtual/Streaming)

  1. teen wolf, organized crime, new zealand, bee, tegan and sara, malaria, NFL, Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Chesapeake; AT&T, bucket

    myster – 57, 5, 8, 84

    final – silicon/magnesium
    final 2 – dear evan hansen, come from away

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