“John Deer” Paid Me a Visit Today…

I was in the basement earlier, which has kind of become my unofficial “office.” I keep my laptop down here and have a nice old dining room table given to me by my in-laws around when we got married and occasionally, I can see bunnies hopping outside the window.

Today, I saw what appeared to be a young male deer. But because it’s pride month and I respect the rights of all living things to be whatever gender they choose to be and use whatever pronouns they want, go to the bathroom wherever they want (as long as they wash their hands afterward) and anything else I can say to be as politically correct as possible and not offend anyone (LOL).

But this deer totally had antlers, which traditionally signify that it was a dude deer. And the antlers were short and kind of fuzzy looking, so maybe a young punk deer:

I am AMAZED the photo came out this good! I took the photo through my not-so-clean basement window. He was chewing on some leaves shortly before I took the pic. My husband called to me from upstairs to look out the window, and thankfully, the camera happened to be in the basement!

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