Is It Time To Start Being Honest With Myself (About Playing Pub Trivia Again)?

Pub trivia used to be a pretty big part of my life, beginning in 2012 or so. I played in countless local pub trivia games, attended probably a dozenish regional tournaments, even won money at maybe a handful of those (my team wasn’t THAT great, LOL)!

Me and my two main trivia “pardners” Brad (left) and Mike (right) at Powell’s Pub in 2018. I remember that night – Brad had a no-good, very bad day (flat tire on his bike), and he wanted to join us in our game in hopes that it would cheer him up (I think it did)!

Then the pandemic happened. Everything was shut down – school, bars, restaurants, sports arenas, malls, amusement parks, even the state parks in my state were shut down for camping for a minute.

Now I’m fully vaccinated and “can” assemble a team to start playing pub trivia games again – at the spots that are open. I even have a couple of my old trivia teammates whom have been out playing games – and some friends – former trivia rivals – whom have been out for pub trivia games – and have reported back to me about the experiences. But I’m just not really excited about doing that again.

Maybe I’m like one of those office workers who got sent home to work remotely during the pandemic and is resisting the call to go “back to the office.” As of now, I can’t say I’m particularly excited about getting back in the “trivia saddle.”

I still enjoy the virtual trivia games – and my husband actually likes them better! And after hearing from others about having difficulty finding tables, having difficulty seeing questions posted on the screens, having a long walk inside to get beer (yada yada) – I’m even LESS excited about e-mailing my trivia teammates and saying “Hey, how about trivia at this place and at this time?”

Yes, I miss the social aspects of it all…chatting about the questions with my compadres, blogging about the games, getting lucky and beating good teams out of prize money, leaving with tails tucked under our legs when we have a not so good night, meeting people at the games. I’m not a terribly social animal, but trivia WAS my social life for a while (as sad as that sounds). Allow me stroke my non-existent beard and take some time to think about all of this (while I count down the minutes to my next virtual trivia game)!

Of course it’s possible I’ll change my mind! I’m famous for doing that (sometimes at the drop of a hat).

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