Family Visits, Speaking “Cat,” Brain Surgery and Upcoming Camping Trips (Oh My)!

I just got back from a weekend trip that involved visiting three members of my husband’s family – his parents – and his uncle. Had it not been for a global pandemic, none of this would really be noteworthy. It was great seeing people again – and I have some photos to share!

On our first night, I offered a very non-wordy mead toast – “Here’s to surviving the pandemic and being able to see each other again.” This mead was made by our dear friend Sam and is called “Lavender Hill.” The Muskegon River is in the background.

Sadly, we learned that my in-laws’ dog Major died a short time ago 😦 They still have three cats, however – and a summer visit – when all of the windows can be opened up – is the absolute best time for a cat-allergic person to visit people with cats!

This kitty’s name is “Boo.” Don’t let the pensive look fool you! When she chooses to allow you to pet her (head only) – she gently bops you with her pink nose. If you pet her when she’s not in the mood, well – she has claws – so you figure the rest out!
This cat is named “Mister Lucky.” His name is a pop culture reference, but it’s an older one (a Spotify search tells me it’s a Henry Mancini song). You should have seen him jump right into our car’s open trunk to inspect the things we’d put in there! When he got a little too close to an air mattress, I had to pick him up and evict him from the premises (boy is he a solid cat – much heavier than he looks)!
I SWEAR this is the last cat photo I’m sharing in this post! This is the sweet little girl India…you do not need permission to pet this cat.

Aside from weather muggier than the inside of a toilet on our first night, weather was pretty lovely for our two-night visit. It was a good excuse to just sit and watch the river, which occasionally had people floating in it.

My husband and his mom doing a river float

Not far from our minds on the trip was our friend’s son, whom has been battling cancer for the past 17 months. His most recent battle involved getting a tumor removed from his brain. The surgery was successful – and he’s coming home today. If there is any news I love to hear involving cancer, it’s GOOD news!

If my blog headline is going to continue being accurate, how about talking about our FIRST TENT CAMPING TRIP OF THE YEAR? We tentatively plan to camp near the West Branch area of MI beginning July 4. A possible visit with an old high school friend might be incorporated into that trip, too!

What else? We ordered a stationary exercise bike! My husband and I both want to get into better shape – him because of stiffness/arthritis issues – me because I need to lose some weight (hey I’m not the only one who put on some weight during this pandemic). I also have my own issues keeping me from taking walks more regularly (a bum ankle, if you will), so hopefully some bike rides to nowhere (LOL) will help boost my strength in a low-impact way and help me shed some pounds. Hell, just putting the damn thing together will probably be a workout in itself!

That’s about all I have to report for now…

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