Four Faces of a Post-Pandemic Hair Cut…

I went out and got a hair cut this week! My first professional cut since March, 2020!

My husband helped cut my hair in June, 2020, and I did an “angsty girl in a ’90s film or TV series frantic hair cut” in August, 2020 (where I pretty much just hacked at all of the hair that was in my way like it was a Felicity episode or something).

Wednesday? I left it to the pros…In full disclosure mode, here are some before and after photos:

An “after” pic…
This is how I look after a shift at work where I work in a stock room with high-velocity fans and have just “undid” my hair (taken it out of pony tail holders, barrettes). Fluorescent lighting NEVER flatters, folks!
This is my freshly washed overgrown hair when I’m in a low humidity environment and have made an attempt to style it (smear some gel in it)
And this is pretty much how I look as of this blog posting!

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