Off Work For Next Six Days!

I’ve been busy doing other things besides blogging today – mainly running errands, getting groceries, getting things packed to go into the car, doing laundry – because VACATION, BITCHES!

One of my stops was to my friendly local REI store (which has a greeter now – presumably to tell people to wear masks) to buy something to help wage battle against something that is nigh invulnerable, mighty, and yells “Spoon!” when it attacks. Some of you ’90s animated TV fans might know that I’m referring to this guy:

Ticks are apparently problematic across my state right now…

So I bought a bottle of this stuff:

I sprayed two pairs of pants and two shirts with this stuff today and they’re hanging in the garage until we pack them…

My sister-in-law chimed in on my Facebook post about this earlier. It was pretty much a ringing endorsement since she works for an environmental engineering company in Michigan’s U.P, which has always been ground zero for ticks, especially in the spring:

Yes, it’s what we recommend for our field staff as best line of defense against ticks.

Sister In law, speaking about effectiveness of Sawyer Tick Spray

Everything is pretty much ready to go in the car, except the cold food – and clothing – which will get packed in the morning. Right now, I’m just chilling with drinks in the basement until a trivia game about ’90s movies with Kim. But another camping adventure awaits! Hopefully those darn ticks think twice about trying to take any of my blood!

If I’m able to check in with this blog site at any point during my trip, I will!

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