Why Did My Subconscious Mind Do This To Me? AKA High School Cheerleader Memories…

It was the wee hours on a recent cabin trip. And for reasons I still do not understand, my brain tried to make me remember the last name of a cheerleader from my high school. She was a person I never spoke to, and she never spoke to me. And she is someone I have never thought of…until a night a couple of weeks ago. We weren’t friends, we didn’t run in the same circles, there was no reason on God’s green earth that my subconscious mind would dredge this girl up. She looked a bit like the blonde cheerleader from the movie Heathers (Heather McNamara). Though not exactly…

Lisanne Falk, aka Heather McNamara in Heathers

I did wind up coming up with her last name (which I will not reveal here), but to what reward? Do I win a trivia prize? Nope.

Then I started wondering if the poor girl had died or something and her soul was trying to contact me. Well, OK!

Who didn’t love the 1987 movie Robocop?

So I did what any social media partaking person would do. I looked her up on FB. Yes, I found her. Doesn’t appear that she’s dead. The photo I found of her is a cheesy family photo of her at Christmas time wearing a holiday inspired top flanked by her dog, her family and a Christmas tree. By all accounts she seems to be alive.

I really hate my brain sometimes!!!

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