High Times at Friendly Local Weed Dispensary Today…

Sorry, no pics (I was driving). My local drive-through weed dispensary (which I have never used) was BUSY today! I mean, it’s typically pretty busy, since medicinal and recreational marijuana are now legal in the state of MI. But today…traffic was at a stop waiting to get in, there were green balloons at the gate, I’m pretty sure I saw a food truck, and a fellow FB friend says there were jugglers!

Yup, happy 4/20 everyone! I guess it’s some kind of weed holiday or something – I can only imagine what people are listening to/watching today. Cheech and Chong? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Rango (animated version of that movie)? The Big Lebowski? That one movie with Matthew McConnaughey where he wears tie die? As you can imagine, I have very few life experiences with weed. I’ve only had it a handful of times in my life, the last time being – if I had to guess – 2006.

Now what would have gotten me to stop by at the weed circus today? Organ grinders with monkeys. Maybe if I smoke enough ganja I will magically see them!

Oh yeah, it snowed today.

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