No Reason To Get Excited – But It’s “Recap Day!”

Hey blog readers. I will be posting a few recaps of virtual trivia games I’ve played in the past week TODAY! Most of them will be “general topics” games, though for the music lovers out there, you may be most interested in the one from Wednesday which was all about music “duos.” We didn’t do so well in that subject, but it was still fun to get back together with my old “name that tune” pardner Kim.

As for Friday night’s game, I was able to get a good number of the “old trivia gang” together. We had a very rough set of questions – and only managed to be in fifth going into the final. But we got the final correct, thanks to a “divide and conquer” trivia strategy my team used years ago for mastering trivia subjects (in this case, world geography). So we finished in second at the end of the game – and for a team like ours which famously loves to talk itself out of correct answers – well that was pretty cool!

Stay tuned for more…see ya real soon!

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