What Does The Word “Douche” Mean To You?

Before answering the question I posed in the title of this pointless blog, here’s another question – what has 131 songs, is 8 hours and 48 minutes long and includes three Steve Miler Band songs, three REO Speedwagon songs and a couple of Eminem songs?

If you guessed “Playlist” you are correct! I made my very first Spotify playlist, and it was inspired by, of all things, the horror TV series “Scream Queens.” One scene in particular, where the character Chad Radwell, whom was a man whore douchebag “bro,” mentions having a music playlist he calls “Douche.” And the opening song is “Chumbawumba,” by Tubthumping.

Poor screen capture of my playlist

Ever since my husband and I saw that episode, we’ve frequently mused about what other songs would be on that “douche” playlist. Yesterday, I stopped musing- and started doing! I went online to learn how to make a Spotify playlist, and started adding songs that I felt would fit the whole “douche” ambience (you can look at the whole list here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6ElOiFZXXLpqIHD6izxcZv?si=xFmUN0D5QDmM_eAHxvg0ag&fbclid=IwAR2l5e5X5RAQT5mgaFhCCaeQUygx08_vIN9WlXAJkcMx0am3-5bgrn5qMC8&nd=1

How did I pick the songs? Here were some things I considered:

  • Songs with excessive “swagger,” especially of a sexual nature (and the more delusional, the better)
  • Songs glorifying excessive drinking or drug use
  • Songs that are excessively egotistical in any way (using the artist’s name too many times, for example)
  • Songs that might also appear on a “jock jams” list or be air show/car show fodder
  • Songs that were overplayed in their time and overly popular
  • Songs with a reputation among listeners for being…annoying and becoming earworms for hours…or days
  • Songs that guys wearing tight 501 jeans and mullet hairdos would really, really enjoy
  • Songs that would likely be played at fraternity or sorority parties
  • Songs that…didn’t age well

I tried to be as “inclusive” as possible. Multiple music genres are included, and I even included at least one song from the1960s! And one from 2020 (IKR)! And “douche” didn’t just mean songs by white guys (several songs by female artists and African American artists are on the list).

Well? What are you waiting for? Give my playlist a listen! See how much you can take!!!

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