More “Unhoarding” Adventures…

What did I accomplish today in my Great Unhoarding Adventures? I brought in two keyboards and a scanner to Best Buy. Sounds like the title of a Beck song, doesn’t it?

Two Turntables and a Microphone is Where It’s At (according to Beck)!

I also put on work gloves and went through a box of old batteries in the garage, found all of the dead CFL bulbs in the house to take to recycling, sold my saxophone and found a taker for two dart boards we’re never going to get around to putting up. Ask and someone might say yes?

A neighbor gave this well loved dart board to us a few years ago. A friend who recently moved into a new home with a big basement kindly agreed to take this one and another that is still in the box.

I have a virtual trivia game at 8 tonight. I’ll have a recap posted of that by Saturday. Also a recap of Tuesday night’s game (Saturdays seem to be recap days for the time being while I’m still so busy with other stuff around the house).

In other unhoarding news, an old “boombox” that was to be my only means of playing cassettes does not play cassettes. So that’s going to be taken to the great recycling center in the sky, too.

And that’s about all I have to say for today!

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