Why I Haven’t Blogged Much As of Late (Psst I’ve Been BUSY!)

Need something to strangle that special someone? I’ve got you covered! More about these things in a bit!

I’ve been working on the Great Unhoarding Project. Said project has virtually absorbed my off days from work, resulted in jammed full trash and recycle bins and forced me to take little trips down memory lane – which will happen when you look at old snapshots. Two days ago, I filled up a photo album with a bunch of old snapshots and still have snapshots that need to be placed in albums (need more albums). Here is just one of the photos I found, which I believe is from the annual Highland Games event in Livonia, MI:

This photo is from 2002 (which I know, because my husband got his hair cut short around the time of the World Cup). His hair is anything BUT short now (pandemic hair don’t care)!

While I was going through desk drawers two days ago, I found my old Girl Scout sash and patches! I was actually looking for those a few years ago, because I wanted to show them to a friend of mine whom is a Girl Scout leader. Behold my old sash from the early 1980s:

The patch with the daisy is one of my favorites (it’s from the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace in Savannah, GA). She was the one who founded the Girl Scouts.

Sadly, not all of my choring caused me to reflect on happy memories! Most of it was just annoyingly necessary dirty, dusty work. Pro tip for those of you whom are new to the whole working from home thing? Don’t forget about your obsolete pieces of tech and just pack them up in boxes. It’s like kindergarten – you don’t want to turn your back on it! I’ve organized stuff that can be taken to Staples for recycling (such as old keyboards, mice, auxiliary hard drives, etc.) in boxes/bags. They will take up to six items per day, and I have about three days’ worth of crap in the garage. Also in a rough tote are enough cables, wires, phone cords to outfit a small army (which you can see in the photo). Too bad no armies need this crap, thankfully those can go to a local recycling drop-off station.

Back to the subject of memories – I also cleaned up my old saxophone from high school band to see if Music Go Round will give me a couple of bucks for it. I used a jewelry cloth and wiped it down pretty well. Aside from the scratches that any musical instrument subject to the rigors of marching band in all manner of weather will get, it’s in pretty good shape!

I almost removed this sticker, but am leaving it there because it has my name (just in case they need proof of ownership for resale).

I have corralled some items for donation to a thrift store and now I need to find a place to donate books. Then, I need to take apart a couple of old CPUs to remove the hard drives, though I’m actually thinking of hiring someone else to do that (ugh screwdrivers and stuff)! The old iMac tower is actually quite heavy (I swear that thing weighs 20 pounds)!

I really, really wish our condo association would just ALLOW US TO HAVE GARAGE SALES! 🙂

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