Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – March 3, 2021

After playing in a math-based trivia game Wednesday night, we decided we’d sign up for a “regular” trivia game in the hopes of actually knowing more than one answer!

While we didn’t know them all, we did do better with general knowledge trivia than with trivia that was all about ellipses, cosines, matrices, equations, polygons and factors (oh my)! Here were the questions:

1. What animal character is the subject of an animated series that debuted on PBS Kids in 2012 and is based on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?

Product placement of a beer in The Deer Hunter which will be asked about in the next question…

2. What brand of beer comes in a green bottle featuring a picture of a horse and the number 33?

NERD POINT: This brand was founded in which U.S. state?

And this made me think of the movie “The Deer Hunter.” Got it for the points plus the bonus. Though I don’t think I’ve ever had any of this beer…

3. Folk hero John Henry is immortalized in a statue near Talcott, West Virginia, in which he is holding what object? My mother-in-law Willow can really belt out a song about this man!

4. In 2015, Major League Soccer renamed its MVP award in honor of what player, who won the award himself in 2009 and is the league’s all-time leader in assists and second in goals scored? Totally overthought this one. Instead of putting the guy whom was the obvious choice, we tried to go a bit more obscure (tsk, tsk)!

5. The Golden Bear is the prize awarded to the best film at a major international film festival held in what European capital city? Miss, we went with Moscow.

6. What website took its name from a word meaning “a short burst of inconsequential information” or “to talk in a light, high-pitched voice”? Not a web site I use…and Donald Trump doesn’t use it, either!

7. What single-digit number appears in the title of a 1997 single by British band Blur that reached #6 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart? Miss…

8. What film starring Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni is narrated by a character named Cristina, who is applying to Princeton University? I think I watched just the beginning of this movie but…wound up getting bored with it.

9. What element on the periodic table gets its chemical symbol from its Latin name, “natrium”?

10. Two brothers—one who has appeared in the TV series Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and Playmakers, and the other who won an Academy Award for his role in a 1996 film— share what last name? We had no idea…

Mystery – Names

Give the first and last names of the people described by the following clues.Hint: The first and last initials of all the people can be rearranged to spell a word associated with security.

M1. Frat Pack member who voices Lightning McQueen in the Cars franchise

M2. Kelly Ripa’s morning TV co-host since 2017

M3. Former governor who wrote the 2009 memoir Going Rogue

M4. Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year who was drafted by the then-St. Louis Rams in 2014Missed #4.Not sure what place we were in or how many points…

Final Category –


Since the beginning of 2010, Christopher Nolan has directed four feature-length films with one-word titles. Name two of those four films.

Got one, but not both (though we did pick a movie about a world war directed by someone else). Well, that was still a lot more fun than trivia about math (sorry Kim)! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Daniel Tiger!

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