Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – Math Questions – March 3, 2021

Answers will be in the comments, except the mystery round (sorry didn’t write down those answers).

A couple of us played a math-themed Sporcle Live trivia game offered virtually Wednesday night, me – who flunked algebra in high school and just barely made it through Algebra 101 in college teamed up for what was essentially a solo game for math teacher Kimberly Scully (she did pretty well)! We played under the name “I Just Pied in Your Arms Tonight,” we were in third going into the final but didn’t get the final. It was pretty much a solo effort for Kim, though I did know the question asking for the name of a math person!

1. Values – To the nearest thousandth, which of the following is the decimal value of the golden ratio?A. 1.202B. 1.618C. 2.718D. 4.669

NERD POINT: What are two of the three names associated with the other numbers here.

2. Angles – What is the radian measure of an angle that measures 150°?3. Terms – What six-letter term describes a polygon whose corners all lie on a single circle? All teams missed this one.

4. Word Problems – If there are ten people in a room and everybody shakes everybody else’s hand exactly once, how many handshakes will occur?

5. Not a Circle – In addition to a circle, name the three conic sections that exist in branches of mathematics that recognize four conic sections.

NERD POINT: For definition and construction each on these have point/s associated with them called focus/foci as well as line/s called what? It ends with an x when not plural.

6. Polygons – What is the sum of the interior angles of a regular octagon?

7. Trigonometry – What is the exact value of sin(300°) ?

8. Punctuation – An interpunct is a punctuation mark that, among other things, can be used to denote which mathematical operation?

9. People – What mathematician who lived 1623-1662 has a triangle of numbers and an SI unit named after him? This was the only answer in this whole set I knew!

10. Calculation – What is the value of (13 + 6i)(13 – 6i) ?


Mystery Round Infinite Pick ‘Em Among the list of seven expressions, choose the four that are both undefined AND that always converge to an infinity. Incorrect answers are the ones that are indeterminate and/or finite.

Scores heading into the final:

RDQ/Algebros, 63; I Just Pied in Your Arms Tonight (us), 59; Makemake/Muggsy Boges, 57; Without a Paddle, 52; Scarah, 46; The Number Ninjas, 36; Piece of Pi, 31; One is the Loneliest Number (not the team some local players might be familiar with), 27; Sometimes We Know Stuff, 21.

Final Question: Unique Numbers

What is the only number that has a square and a cube that, together, use each of the digits 0-9 exactly one time each?Miss…A couple of us will be playing “adults only” trivia on Friday evening. As always, Go Pods, Sparty On and stay classy, Blaise Pascal!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – Math Questions – March 3, 2021

  1. 1.618
    2. five sixths
    3. five pi six
    3. cyclic
    4. 45
    5. hyperbola parabola ellipse
    6. 1080
    7. negative checkmark (square root symbol) slash two
    8. multiplication
    9. Blaise Pascal
    10. 205

    Sorry no answers for mystery round
    final answer 69

    Final Q!Unique NumbersWhat is the only number that has a square and a cube that, together, use each of the digits 0-9 exactly one time each?


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