(FOR ADULT READERS ONLY) – Trivia Recap – “After Dark” (adults-only trivia) – March 5, 2021

I joined forces virtually with a friend named Michelle – whom I’ve known since high school – Friday night on some questions all about…naughty stuff! Here’s a recent picture of us:

This photo is from a previous virtual game (January, 2021). Michelle is on the left, I’m on the right (my husband is taking the photo).

This trivia theme was called “After Dark,” and featured “adults-only” trivia questions you don’t want the kiddos to hear while you’re doing a Zoom call with your friends. Or…maybe you do (I’m not judging you)! Says the girl who may have accidentally seen one of daddy’s naughty VHS tapes in the VCR at some point (ahem)!

Well, the question set was mostly rated PG-13 and mainstream naughtiness! I mean…who DOESN’T know about that movie that shares its name with a Watergate informant? Or did the Watergate informant (now known by his real name as Mark Felt) share his name with that movie? Hmmm!

Overall, it was a decently naughty set of questions, and even had a dick pic ! Might I suggest Sporcle look into mixing “adults only” with their “finish the lyrics” themed trivia questions and do question sets about naughty songs? Just a thought! And with the fifth anniversary of Prince’s death coming up, there could be a whole question set about racy Prince lyrics! Who’d sign up for that? I would!!!

As you can imagine, questions of this nature lent themselves to some funny discussions! We didn’t really fare too well on this question set, but that didn’t matter, it’s not like we were doing it for the money!

This picture will make more sense in a bit…

1. In 1677, one year after discovering micro-organisms, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek made the first recorded observation of what, which he described as having a blunt head and long, nearly transparent tail, “moving like a snake or like an eel swimming in water”?

2. A sex minigame titled Hot Coffee was found within a video game in what series in 2004, leading the ESRB to temporarily give the game the Adults Only rating, before the publisher released a patch to disable access to it? Yay, Michelle knew this!

3. Some accounts claim that Franklin Roosevelt saw what other world leader naked in 1941?The man said that FDR did not have to leave, as he had nothing to hide from his closest ally.

This answer was fairly obvious for anyone with even a basic knowledge of the power structure during World War II. Anyone else having trouble un-seeing this guy naked?

4. What two words complete the following lyrics from the first verse of “WAP,” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion?“

I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this ___ _____”I liked Michelle’s guess of “luxurious garage” better than the correct answer (which was actually quite similar).

5. Not adjusted for inflation, the highest-grossing film with an NC-17 rating is what 1972 pornographic film starring Linda Boreman as Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems as Dr. Young? Not exactly a “deep cut,” LOL!

6. What company, a division of HarperCollins, has published books titled Touch Wood, Sinful Rewards, and The Dom Project? When I suggested the “bodice ripper” branch of that company, Michelle joked, “Well, I was going to guess Scholastic, but I like your guess better!”

7. Dustin and Heather started dating in a 2011 season of what reality show, before Heather’s mother informed her that Dustin was a gay-for-pay porn model using the pseudonym Spencer? We were originally going to go with Jersey Shore, but I said, “That wouldn’t be a controversy on that show.” We incorrectly guessed The Bachelorette.

What would you do if you found this in Google maps? Immediately plan a trip there with the kids, of course! A question about this is “coming” up…

8. What island, which is phallic shaped and an impressive 1,750 feet from tip to tail, lies in the Trinity Islands of New Caledonia, which is a special collective belonging to which European country? Miss, we thought Greece was a very “sexy” guess!

9. A dump and floater are specific moves used in what team sport? We incorrectly guessed Ultimate Frisbee, which does have throws called dumps and floaters (though I wouldn’t call them “moves”).

10. Sylvester Graham was a Presbyterian minister who is well-known for being the inspiration for what namesake product?

He believed that blandness was key to minimizing excitement, sexual arousal, and masturbation.

Him and Mr. Kellogg should go on a playdate! What was with all of this Puritanical brainwashing back then???

Mystery – Get Your Mind Out Of the Gutter!

Answer the following questions, which all have answers that may sound inappropriate, but actually are not.

M1. What material is used to fill or close seams or crevices in order to make something, such as bathtub, watertight?

M2. What 19th-century French novelist and playwright is best-known for his multi-volume novel collection La Comédie humaine?

M3. What archaic human species has a name that translates from Latin for “upright man”?

M4. What projection, found on the rear of the soft palate, comprises connective tissue, muscular fibers, and a number of glands, including some which produce saliva?

We missed #2, we guessed Benoit.

Final Category –

Four-Letter Words

Put the following words from George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” routine in order, from lowest to highest, based on the number of points they would score in a game of Scrabble, with no bonus squares or blank tiles in play.FuckPissShit

We know Scrabble values pretty well (and also happened to have this game in the room in which we were playing, shhh!), but nope, it was not to be for us landing in the top 3. Oh well, not everyone can be a real porn star! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Cardi B!

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