Trivia Recap – January 27, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Since those of us who live in the state of Michigan can’t go into bars for happy hour for a couple of more days, some of us have adapted by bringing happy hour home! What could be better? You can be comfy in your PJs and slippers, you can play the music YOU want to hear, sit in your own comfy chairs and the drinks? You may have to fetch them or make them yourself, but they’re whatever you want them to!

If you want it to seem more like a “real bar” experience, you could show one of your favorite local bars some love by ordering a couple of their “to go” cocktails. We gave that a try by ordering a couple of “Aubree’s Breeze” cocktails from Aubree’s in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town location. They came in sealed plastic containers that we would put into our own glasses with ice. We didn’t have any ice on hand, so we asked for some of that to-go, too! If there is nothing else nice about winter, well – it’s pretty damn nice to be able to stow to-go cocktails in the trunk of your car until it’s time to drink them!

We rounded out our at-home happy hour with a Sporcle Live virtual trivia game. I think we managed to finish in third place at the end, but…I don’t really remember (though we did get the final question right).

Malibu Stacy was a parody of a popular real-life fashion doll that a lot of us played with as little girls AND boys (let’s be realistic)!

1. Video Games – What character, first introduced as a toy in 1959, has been the title character in video games partially titled Magic Genie Adventure, Nail Designer, Vacation Adventure, and Sparkling Ice Show?

2. Basketball – Within two, to the nearest foot, how far is the NBA 3-point line from the basket at its farthest?NERD POINT: Get the number exactly correct.Nope, miss…

3. Pledges – Which of the “H” words involved in 4H doesn’t refer to a body part? Missed that, too (we put “helping” as our answer).

4. Sitcoms – What sitcom that originally aired from 1983-1989 stars Emmanuel Lewis in the title role and Alex Karras and Susan Clark as George and Katherine Papadopolis, his wealthy, adoptive parents? Seriously, what was with all of those series from the late 1970s/early 1980s featuring adorable adopted kids? Diff’rent Strokes , this series, Punky Brewster, Small Wonder (yes adopted robot children still count even if they never get asked about on trivia nights)! Someday…someday.

5. Coffee – What coffee preparation method involves forcing a small amount of very hot water through finely ground compacted coffee beans at a high pressure?

6. Authors – Our Mutual Friend is the final completed novel by what English author, who died during the serialization of The Mystery of Edwin Drood? This author’s purpose was to nearly extinguish the love of reading of countless high school students IMHO – though that one story he did about all of those ghosts was pretty cool!

7. Country Music – What artist has released seven albums that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Albums chart, including his four most recent: Fuse, Ripcord, Graffiti U, and The Speed of Now Part 1? We picked the name of one of maybe 10 total country artists we can name, but it wasn’t right…

8. Organizations – What civil rights organization was founded in 1909 by Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington, and W. E. B. Du Bois), among others?

9. Lakes – What lake in Israel, the lowest freshwater lake below sea level, is known by a number of names, with the most common English names appearing in the New Testament of the Bible? Nope…

10. Actresses – What actress plays Evelyn Johnson, a nurse and love interest of the two main characters in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, and Selene in five Underworld films since 2003?

Mystery – Sponge BobI didn’t get all of the info for the mystery round, but it was about instruments that different Sponge Bob characters played in a band. Since I know nothing about this little bit of pop culture, I’m not going to bother trying to recreate it…(sorry).

Unsure what place we were in going into the final, but I think we had 48 points. Final Category – Greek Mythology

Name EITHER the man who served as king of Mycenae and commanded the united Greek armed forces against Troy OR the man who served as king of Troy during the Trojan War.

We were having technical difficulties toward the end of the game (no audio), so we didn’t stick around to “hear” the scores. Though when I looked at the tablet later…apparently we got the final right? OK! We have another game planned Sunday evening. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Charles Dickens!

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