Basement Happy Hour With Real Bar Cocktails!

For the time being, bars in the state of Michigan (where I live) are not permitted to offer “indoor” service. That is supposed to start back up again – at 25 percent capacity – on February 1, 2021.

Some bars have started to offer “cocktails to go” as an option for continuing to be able to take people’s money during the pandemic. Today, I picked up some “cocktails to go” from a bar called Aubree’s, which is about 1.5 miles away from where I lived. I phoned in the order when I got out of work, and brought them home. They wound up being about $7.50 each. No, we’re not going to be doing this all the time, but wow – what a nice break from the hard seltzers and beer – and the “ghetto” cocktails I make from the cheapest palatable vodka I can find with whatever mixers I have on hand!

So how do “to go” cocktails work? Well, they give you the booze and mixers in some kind of sealed container. If you don’t ask for ice, you’re not going to get it (I asked for a cup of ice). So I got some “Aubree’s Breeze” cocktails, which are probably their “house” take on an island inspired cocktail. Why the Hell not? It was in the 20s today – couldn’t we all stand to at least feel a little warmer?

So we had our own little “happy hour” in our basement “rumpus room” tonight. I played some tunes on my laptop from my own digital music collection and some tunes from Spotify.

The drink came in the clear container you see here, which is clearly labeled. I poured it into my own glass with their ice (which I requested). I ordered four of these, so we could have at least a couple of rounds before making our own lemonade/vodka cocktails which were not quite as fancy! Still, this was a nice little winter “treat.”

I’ll still be doing my best to “endure” outdoor bar service when weather allows. I’m still not comfortable partaking of indoor bar/restaurant service until I get BOTH vax shots in my arm. My daddy got shot #1 this week, so I’m very, very happy about that! Now to get my mom in for the same (if she’s anything like her daughter, the thought of getting a needle jabbed into her arm doesn’t excite her too much)!

For inquiring minds, the trivia recap from last night’s game will have to wait until Saturday. I have another virtual game Friday, so I’ll post both of those on the same day.

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