And a Tiring Week Comes to an End…

I know I haven’t posted much in the past couple of days. Thursday, I was just…pooped. After work, I just kind of went into “meltdown” mode, and wound up having a glorious nap on the couch (which I haven’t done in quite a long time). I just didn’t feel like using my laptop much, although I do have a couple of trivia recaps “in the can” when I’m ready to get around to posting them.

And…I’m not feeling much more perky today. I’m feeling perky enough to go to a local bar to use a campfire reservation spot we made in just a couple of clicks, but not feeling like doing those recaps today. They can wait until Saturday (I know you guys can wait, too)!

Crazy day at work. I virtually skipped my break – allowed myself just enough time to sit down, inhale a granola bar, chug some water, and…back to work. I even stayed about a half hour past my scheduled end time, but that was OK (it was my choice). If someone had ASKED me to do the crazy shit I did, I would’ve been like Flo (not the Progressive Insurance pitchwoman, but the other Flo whom some of us older folks might remember from the TV series “Alice”)…

Kiss my grits! I don’t mind putting in the extra work/effort when I’m feeling perky enough and choose to do so, but woe to those who try to guilt or hassle me into doing so!

In exciting trivia news (well, not really), I’m thinking about trying to learn the names of all of the “second bananas” we’ve had in the White House. That means vice presidents! I already know all of the name of the commanders in chief we’ve had over the years, but can only name a handful of VPS outside of the ones who served in my lifetime. Let’s see – Schuyler Colfax, Hannibal Hamlin (who could forget names like those), George Clinton (no, not the singer also known to me as the Godfather of Funk), John Calhoun, Aaron Burr…and all of the second bananas that eventually became president. They don’t really count, do they?

Maybe I’ll have to do a separate hairstyles blog for the second bananas of the U.S! Schuyler Colfax would be categorized under, “just the beard, please.” Also, is that a giant Sequoia in his pants and if so – is it happy to see you? 😂 speaking of “bananas” (OK I’ll stop now).

I don’t know how I’ll go about remembering all of their names. I’ll start by writing them all down in a list. Then I’ll find a trivia quiz site about and take a vice presidents quiz over and over and over and over again until I get it perfect (you’d be surprised how many times that method has allowed me to memorize things for trivial pursuits).

I know, I know…vice presidents really don’t get asked about in trivia games that much. It might just be a pointless trivial pursuit, but since we have the first WOMAN vice president who had to work her butt off to get to that position – well, I think I can handle taking a bunch of trivia quizzes over and over and over and over again until I remember their names (or go insane/get bored trying)!

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