Welcome President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris!

I usually stay away from political topics on this blog. Unless it involves the hairstyles of former presidents (LOL)!

I’ve struggled to come up with the “right” words to say on this inauguration day. But I will say I don’t like how divisive it’s become in this country. Seeing all of the negative bickering, name calling and insults on various social media comment threads has truly sickened me. Even my own close friends are guilty of this. One of them has been keeping a “troll” as a friend because as he said, “It’s fun to torture her.” He says he doesn’t even know who she is – or how they became friends. I really don’t see how this kind of stuff is fun OR entertaining, but I guess that’s how he rolls.

This doesn’t even take into account the events of January 6, which saddened me greatly. I mean – what the actual fuck – a gallows? What century are we even in? Mob mentality at its absolute worst.

Frankly, I’m sick of it all.

Joe Biden may not be the “best” guy for the job, and he certainly wasn’t my first choice for president. But he’s a human being, he’s proven he possesses empathy, compassion and humanity – all qualities I feel his predecessor sadly lacked. Those qualities are very, very important to me (politics notwithstanding). Even an empathetic, compassionate Republican is fine with me – even if their political side is different from mine. Just be…human.

On that note, here’s me being a human earlier today…I decided to crack a couple of celebratory beers in honor of today’s inauguration (though you can’t see it, I drank a couple of Molson Canadian beers – sigh – maybe one day we will be able to visit our lovely Northern neighbors).

Cheers to that!

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