Birthday Trivia Questions VI Are Coming!

I may have been lazy today, but I haven’t been THAT lazy!

I started working on my sixth annual birthday trivia question set today and got almost half of them done. What movies, TV shows, events and topics have captivated me within the past year? What inane things have I blogged about in the past few years? If you think you’re an expert in those areas, well – then you might not do too poorly!

Some topics you can be sure I’ll ask about include but aren’t limited to movies and TV shows I love, current events (though I’ll try to avoid COVID 19 and politics) music I love, US presidents, geography, words and probably at least one question about the new wave group Roxy Music. Even though I am not a huge fan of the band, I do still wind up asking about them quite a bit. I think I just like their name?

As a hint, you might want to read up on all of the names of Canada’s “maritime” provinces. All four of them. Are there only four? Trust me, I’ll check before I post! Maybe I’ll ask about territories too… and rest assured a question about the Caribbean will be in there too.

As always, don’t expect me to go easy on any of the hard core trivia lovers who follow my blog! Know that I love you all!

On that note, good night!

I may even throw in a few questions about me, too!

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