Happy Festivus Eve! ?

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days, I’m not feeling like posting blogs I’ve thought about posting (sorry I don’t think I’ll be listening to that Sia holiday album). Uh, happy pandemic holidays?

My own mom summed it up when we talked on the phone Sunday. “It doesn’t feel like Christmas this year.” No mom, it really doesn’t!

I’m trying to get into the spirit. Today, I texted a friend whom I knew was looking for a particular novelty sock for his wife, letting him know we had several pairs of men’s socks with hot dogs on them (guess that’s her thing)? He came into the store and found a pair of women’s hot dog socks he said she’d like.

Later, I was talking to my husband about Swedes and their little sock traditions. I read an online blog that said it’s traditional (in fact, even kind of compulsory) to remove your shoes when entering someone’s home in Sweden. And when you do, you’d better have “conversational” socks. They like colorful, clean socks in good repair. Which made me immediately wonder if there is such a thing as Abba novelty socks. Solid bright color background with little images of the heads of the four members of Abba. Now those would be the socks I’d want to be wearing if I entered a Swedish home!

Did you know Abba’s flamboyant stage costumes were a tax dodge? Sweden gave tax breaks for clothing worn for work if it was a costume!

Swedes also dislike pointless small talk and don’t like nosy questions. They do like hard-capped work days (no staying late), long coffee breaks and giving lots and lots of time for maternity leave. When you’re expecting, you need to submit potential baby names to the government tax agency for approval. Yes, I think I could handle living there!

Alas, I’m in the U.S. and trying like everyone else to weather the pandemic. Speaking of “weather,” I’ll be doing an outdoor visit with my parents tomorrow since weather is supposed to be favorable (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Should be a great business day for bars, which are only allowed to do outdoor service in my state (Michigan) until at least mid January 2021. I remember when going “to the bar” meant getting dressed in actual “outside world clothes.” Jeans, maybe a “cute” shirt, maybe even “cute” socks, and (gasp) maybe even attempting to style my hair. Now, I put on my fleece-lined leggings, warm shirt, warm socks, boots, and hooded winter coat (don’t forget the mask and warm gloves)! We’re all adapting to new routines, aren’t we? Bars are putting in the igloos and heaters, and the barflies are dressing for winter “tailgates.”

Good news is I’ve seen three friends in person in the past few days (IKR)! Kim dropped by my house Monday with handmade drizzled pretzels (yum), and we did a couple of short bar visits with Brad and Scott (separately). Scott joked that the propane heater next to him was “cooking” his face!

As for other friends and family, I’ll be seeing some of them “virtually.” Virtual trivia Wednesday night, virtual family chat on Christmas.

Yes, my holiday plans are SO exciting! Happy holidays to you all…

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