Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – December 19, 2020

My “trivia pardner” and the guy I live with decided last minute to sign up for a virtual trivia game Saturday night. We wound up in a tie for second after the final question! Yeah, we were shocked about that too!

Here were the questions:

1. NBA Teams – Other than the Lakers and Celtics, what Western Conference team is the only NBA franchise that has appeared in at least ten NBA Finals? Miss.

2. Sandwiches The Hot Brown sandwich, which is an open-faced turkey and bacon sandwiched that is covered in Mornay sauce and baked is associated with, and sometimes named after, what city? Miss, we guessed Cleveland. And is it just me, or does “Hot Brown” sound like a name for a sexually crude definition you’d find in Urban Dictionary? Now if that were the case, what would a “Hot Brown” be? Let your imaginations go, you filthy beasts!

Decades before John Dutton would become head of the Yellowstone ranch, he lived another life as a Union soldier named John Dunbar whom would form a bond with a Native American tribe. But that is just my fan theory!

3. Westerns – Name either of the Westerns that earned the Academy Award for Best Picture in the 1990s.
NERD POINT: Name both. Yay, max points plus the bonus after two successive misses!

4. Novels – What 1899 work by Kate Chopin had the working title A Solitary Soul, is set in New Orleans, and is one of the earliest feminist novels? No idea.

5. Countries – What is the largest country in the world by total area?

6. Medals – Name either of the medals awarded annually by the American Library Association, one to an author for a distinguished contribution to children’s literature, and the other to an illustrator for a distinguished children’s picture book? We knew the first answer, not the second (only needed one answer).

The Regal Beagle lounge on Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti, MI (U.S.). It is currently closed because of the pandemic.

7. Bars – The Regal Beagle is the bar that was frequented by the characters on what TV series that aired from 1977-1984? There’s a bar called the Regal Beagle that is not far from where I live. It’s really nothing like the Regal Beagle on the TV show (except maybe the 1970s decor, LOL)! I remember visiting this place a couple of times when they attempted to do trivia nights here…did they pay “IOUs” for prizes? The last night, not enough teams showed up to play, so the host gathered the teams that did show up to the bar and just informally quizzed us on the questions that weren’t “officially” asked. I remember “Google Chrome” being one of the answers…

8. Villains – In the Masters of the Universe media franchise, what evil sorcerer is He-Man’s arch-enemy?

9. Festivals – What type of flower is celebrated in an annual festival held in Holland, Michigan, due to the city’s close ties to the Netherlands?

10. Political Slogans – What single seven-letter word was used as the slogan for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign?

Mystery – Quickfire

Name four of the five best-selling cereal brands in the U.S. as of 2018 that feature animated mascots.

Note: According to Kiplinger magazine and based on sales, not boxes sold.

Only got two of these correct.

Final – Christmas Movies

The two highest-grossing films at the domestic box office with the word “Christmas” in their titles each feature what actor in a starring role?

We wound up in a tie for second after the final with 74 points, Mike made a guess that was correct on that answer, after I’d suggested what one of the movies might be (neither of us even thought about the second movie that actor was in).

We may be doing a “friends and family” trivia night sometime this week. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ebenezer Scrooge!

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