And That’s a Black Friday Wrap!

I finished two back to back 8-hour “retailville” shifts today. Nothing too stressful – no panic attack like the shoe customer incident of 2015 (me hiding in shoe stockroom for 15 minutes figuring out how to deal with stampede of shoe shoppers busting through the door when we opened). My panicky moment was short lived – I figured out what to do because I’m a pro). And nothing like the pillow acccosting incident of 2016, when I was molested by customers when I brought memory foam pillows out of a stockroom to restock. I made sure to get backup from one of my bosses when I did this a second time (geez people, really – pillows?)

Aside from worrying about customers getting too close to me (hello pandemic 2020), my shifts this year were pretty uneventful. I didn’t have to tell a janitor that someone puked in the misses department, I didn’t get paged or called, got to set my own break and lunch times, I was pretty…unsupervised. I got some catching up done with hangers (woot)!

Now I’m relaxing on my couch watching “Sledge Hammer” and drinking beer. Did you know actor David Rasche is classically trained as an actor? Also Michigan native Al Jean wrote some episodes (he would go on to write for The Simpsons and other series).

Two days off will be nice!

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