Did Virtually Nothing Today – And It Was Everything I Hoped For!

Ever have one of those days when you take a shower and feel as good as you would have if you’d climbed Mount Everest? Well, it didn’t feel EXACTLY like that – I wasn’t oxygen deprived, and certainly not full of enough hubris to fill the state of Montana and didn’t have a sherpa helping me take my shower, but yeah – a shower felt pretty damn good today!

Too bad my tummy’s feeling a bit…touchy. I’m chalking it up to a bit too much drinking last night (and staying up too late). I’m having a plain seltzer water right now, I’m going to take tonight off from having any booze.

I actually took a short nap earlier today, which is the first real nap I’ve had in probably about a year. I used to rely on afternoon naps when I worked earlier shifts, now that I report to work at a reasonable hour, I don’t need them as much. My husband conked out for a nap around the same time – him in the recliner – me on the couch. We were just the perfect picture of ambition (not)!

Earlier, I played an ’80s music themed virtual trivia game with Kim. Opposites attract when it comes to music trivia! She loves REO Speedwagon (I hate ’em), She hates Pet Shop Boys (I love ’em), she hates Tori Amos (I love her first two albums, especially the first), she knows some stuff about country music and hip-hop/rap – I usually just know how to make a blank face, I know more about alternative/”new wavy” music (we had a question about a song by the Cure that I had to step up to the plate to answer). She LOVES Bon Jovi, and I consider the band to be the Hall & Oates of hair bands (I’d describe their music as “mostly harmless”). It’s great when those differences of opinion result in little trivia victories like they did tonight (we only missed one point the entire game and got the final correct)!

One topic of music discussion that came up was how some hard-core fans of bands wind up being indifferent to – or even disliking – the biggest hit songs by bands that they love. One of the songs they asked about tonight (spoiler alert) was “Lovesong” by The Cure. I knew that it was their only top 10 hit, though it’s not one of my favorites by this band (which I like enough to qualify as a “fan”). Another example was “Personal Jesus” and “People are People” by Depeche Mode. I really don’t like either of those songs – neither would make my “favorite songs” list of songs by the band (though they are among the band’s highest charting hits). Yet many people who have only a passing fancy for Depeche Mode – or don’t really like most of their songs like “Personal Jesus” (like Kim and my friend Dave for example). I mentioned something about hard-core music fans tending to like the more obscure “album track” songs by bands more than their most gigantic hits (though I said that could be just me).

It could be that familiarity breeds contempt. Hear a song on the radio enough, and you might wind up disliking it more – even if you love the band/artist.

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