Resting My Achy Bones!

Worked a full Black Friday shift today. My store was busy – but not as busy – as I’ve seen it in the past. And though the company for which I work (will not reveal the name here) has made some…iffy – business decisions over the years, there was one decision we made at the store level today which I am applauding!

What was that?


Fitting rooms are a nightmare to maintain even under ideal circumstances. Even if customers don’t have sexual trysts in them, use the trash cans for toilets, you get the idea (humans are foul beasts when left to their own devices behind closed doors). Typically, though – fitting rooms are a pain for more mundane reasons! Someone has to fetch the clothes customers tried on, and put them back where they belong. The pandemic complicates that procedure since the clothing being tried on now has to be quarantined for at least 2-3 days. Complicating that even further would be the biggest shopping days of the year. Having a bunch of clothes in limbo in a stockroom for several days when we’re shorthanded – no, just no…

Gotta do it one more time tomorrow, ugh (baby one more time)! Now I’m watching the new hotness of Animaniacs! And drinking beer! Enjoy the down time when you can.

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