A New Holiday Music Challenge (Coming Soon) “Everyday is Christmas” (Sia)!

A couple of years ago, I decided I was going to listen to the entire “Christmas Portrait” album by the brother/sister easy listening duo The Carpenters. You can read more about that here: https://wordpress.com/post/hebontheweb.blog/14449

I work in a retail-based job where I have to hear holiday music for my entire shifts at work from November 1 until Infinity. I kid – by “Infinity” I mean “December 24.” Though it does seem like infinity!

My “goal” was to test myself – to see if I could handle listening to the entire album without killing myself – or others – and also maintain my sanity. Well, since I’m currently writing this blog from the cozy comfort of my couch and not while in a saggy bunk (with a Jolly Rancher homemade shiv underneath the mattress) at a correctional facility – this means two things – one – I’m alive – and two – I’m not incarcerated! This means I didn’t kill myself – or others (or maybe I did go on a killing spree brought on by listening to holiday music excessively and I just got away with it). As for whether or not I have my sanity intact? Well, that might be up for debate! 🙂

Australian singer/songerwriter Sia. What is she? Some kind of Christmas clown? And how much cocaine (I’ll just stop here)!

I decided while at work today to do another “holiday music challenge” this year. The album I will listen to in its entirety – is the 2017 album “Everyday is Christmas” by Australian singer/songwriter Sia.

My plan is to pick a relaxed day (where I am not working, and after Thanksgiving/Black Friday) – to listen to this album in its entirety (on headphones, since I don’t want my husband filing for divorce, LOL)! I will listen to each track in its entirety and provide commentary on each song.

I already know that one of the tracks from that album “Candy Cane Lane” already makes me pretty stabby. I can only presume that the other tracks will equally grating to me. Sadly, she does not have as “pretty” of a voice as the late Karen Carpenter (pssst…I’m secretly jealous of Karen Carpenter’s singing voice). As for Sia? Not so much…It’s hard to describe Sia’s music without saying “so basic,” or her voice without saying “mush mouth,” yet here we are…

Stay tuned! That blog will be coming soon (but not too soon)!

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