Virtual Trivia Guinea Pig?

The head question writer of a local pub trivia company called My Trivia Live contacted me via Facebook Messenger asking if me and any trivia teammates would be interested in participating in a Zoom based trivia game 5:30 p.m. Thursday, November 19.

I don’t fancy myself to be the “Godfather” of local pub trivia! Though I do have a…reputation locally among players and trivia hosts.

I asked my “better half,” and he said “Why not?”

There will be no cost for this, and I am supposed to be getting more details sent to me. So…OK?

This isn’t the first time me (on behalf of my trivia team) has been “serenaded” for being trivia regulars. We have a name out there, and I have a Facebook page (Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods – look us up and like us if you want) where I share recaps of games – we’re not exactly “incognito.” However, if you follow this blog site, you get “enhanced content” when it comes to trivia recaps (sometimes, anyway)! Usually that just means more photos, but sometimes you get more “insider information” as well! What can I say? I LOVE my blog readers!

The last time we were “serenaded” was a couple of years ago when a local bar where we had formerly played trivia games decided to switch trivia companies (firing MTL and switching to Geeks Who Drink) – and offered me and my entire team a free round of beers to come check it out. We did not come to check it out – I was not interested in Geeks Who Drink – we tried it and didn’t like the format -nor was I interested in being “beholden” to a bar to provide positive reviews of a trivia company I didn’t like). Do I have too much “honor” to just give into bribes? Perhaps…which is why I’m…not a rich woman. Hey, I “usually” sleep well at night (thanks partially to the vitamin supplements I’ve been taking lately)! Did you know B vitamins help with sleep? Found that out by accident a few days ago!

So, as for this MTL offer, we’ll see how it goes! And if I’m able to do any kind of “recap” of that game, you KNOW I’ll share it here!

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