Good Times…For A Change…

My husband and I haven’t seen too many people we know in person since the “before times” (before the pandemic). We’ve seen my parents a handful of times, Mike’s parents once, our friend Brad maybe 15 times or so, our friend Janet twice – all in distanced outdoor settings. Today we got to see Scott. He said he hadn’t been to a bar since March!

It was good to catch up and good for him to get out. We had some beers outside under the electric heaters. He said he wants to do it again! We’re at the mercy of weather for the next few months. About that…

I’m in denial about colder weather keeping us at home soon đŸ˜¢ We’ll go back to getting carryout orders of beer and food and spending all of our nights at home until this pandemic rights itself. It’s bad enough I still have a non remote job, I’m not putting myself more at risk than necessary. Not for myself so much, but because I don’t want to spread ickiness to others more vulnerable than me.

It sucks, but I’ll continue to do what I’ve gotta do…

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