What’s More Popular Than A Popeyes Drive Through AND A Weed Dispensary Drive Through?

Truth be told, I have never sat in a drive-through line at a weed dispensary, and I haven’t even partaken of weed for nearly 20 years (it really just makes me want to listen to NOTHING but Cat Stevens and eat a shitload of Jolly Rancher candies). Though there is a drive-through weed dispensary near where I live which always looks to be a bit busy! Hey, if people want to burn one while listening to a bunch of Pink Floyd, whom am I to judge? Weed is not exactly my “bag,” (since it makes me want to eat and drink everything in the house, even things that AREN’T Jolly Ranchers), but hey…we’re in pandemic – if you want to sedate yourselves accordingly, then by all means!

The Popeyes drive-through near my house is quite popular, too. AND SO WORTH THE WAIT! Sure, it’s not healthy to eat Popeyes chicken all the time, but sometimes, sometimes…there’s no better way to scratch the itch when the chicken craving comes a knockin’! Love that chicken from Popeyes!

Today, we weren’t craving chicken – or weed. What did we crave today? Let’s let Ned Flanders talk for a bit!

Today, our “cravings” were more of an “autumn” sort. Which means…cider and doughnuts! We decided to pay a visit to a cider mill near our home in Northville, MI called Parmenter’s, which is open ONLY for drive-through service this fall season. Smart business move, I say…they certainly didn’t seem to be hurtin’ for any business:

So, so tasty!

2 thoughts on “What’s More Popular Than A Popeyes Drive Through AND A Weed Dispensary Drive Through?

    1. Tea for the Tillerman is good…so is Teaser and the Firecat – and if the “green” is laced with something more you could always listen to Numbers! Now THAT album is pretty trippy even if you’re sober and not high!

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