Tis The Season For Horror!

We’re living in a live action horror film right now. 200,000 deaths in our country this year alone – a bunch of people were just arrested in connection with a plot to kidnap my state’s (Michigan) governor, and to top that off, our own president is infected with COVID 19 yet claims he’s invincible and a “perfect specimen (SMH)… specimen of what? Inquiring minds want to know!

It all gets so depressing. I Just need to tune out from time to time, pretend I live in a cave (wouldn’t it be nice ). Watching and reading the news can really angry up one’s blood.

I’ll be leaving for a cabin trip “up north” for a few days in a bit. Unplugging and saying f— you to the Internet for a spell will be therapeutic. Can’t wait…

I haven’t been inspired to do much blogging during all of this. Some days (most, actually), I get home from work and just sit in my recliner – or on the couch – in a stupor. Like deer in the headlights. What is there to blog about anyway? I try, but some days – most days – I just…can’t. Again, I try, but you can’t get blood from a turnip.

It’s downright scary out there.

So why not retreat into fantasy?

Want a nice creepy song to download during this season? “Lullaby” (extended mix) by The Cure is downright terrifying if you listen to it and read the lyrics.

“I feel like I’m being eaten by a thousand..shivering furry holes,” and “The spiderman is always hungry.” Those aren’t even the creepiest lyrics!

Also, I watched a creepy horror movie last night called “Down a Dark Hall.” Ghosts of prematurely dead artists of all kinds haunt and possess teen girls in a juvie boarding school. Uma Thurman is in it! Definitely an original premise (and no killer dolls)!

Anyway, I appreciate all of my blog visitors. When it rains, it pours, and when I’m inspired and have the time/energy, I’ll do the blogs!

Thanks again for reading…

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